Filton youth’s 2014 plan

January 17 2014
Filton youth’s 2014 plan

Filton’s Youth Council has outlined its priorities for the year ahead.

Filton’s Youth Council has outlined its priorities for the year ahead.
The group, which was set up last year, aims to give young people a greater say in town issues.
In 2014, they plan to make an anti-bullying video and help the town council with its plans for a multi-use sports area (MUGA).
At a recent meeting of the town council, eight youngsters described the work they have been doing and their plans for the future.
They told councillors that they meet every two weeks at st Andrew’s Youth Centre and that they have already appointed a number of members to ‘official’ positions, ranging from event organiser and treasurer to publicity designers.
Meetings involve planning future projects as well as time for socialising and getting to know other members. The group members told the council that their aims for 2014 included:
l Promoting the youth council and getting more members
l Making an anti-bullying video as we think lots of children are affected by bullying in Filton
l Getting involved in the community garden project
l Running more activities for children in the school holidays
l Researching and writing an article for Filton Voice about foxes in Filton because we think there are lots of foxes and we are interested in finding out more about them.
l Fundraising for a trip abroad
l Getting more boys onto youth council because “we don’t have enough!”
l Helping Filton Town Council planning for the MUGA and other projects.
The group has also made a funding application of £2,000 to make the anti-bullying video and to produce leaflets.


Local Democracy Week!
Local Democracy Week is a national campaign in October when people get involved in their local area and have a say about things that matter to them. We wrote a survey for children aged 9-14 years old and we sent it to all schools, youth clubs and uniformed organisations in Filton. Charborough Road School invited us in to Year 5 and 6 classrooms to complete it.    

Wild About Gardens!
Wild About Gardens is a national campaign which aims to get more people to get involved in garden projects.
The Filton Youth Council and Filton Community Garden committee came together to run a Wild About Garden event at Elm Park in October. We made flyers to take to local schools. We had a lot of activities going on such as making bird houses and bird feeders.