Vigil for Filton GP arrested for criminal damage after climate change paint protest

October 04 2020
Vigil for Filton GP arrested for criminal damage after climate change paint protest

Dr Diana Warner has been incarcerated since September 2 in Eastwood Park Prison in Gloucestershire

Around 30 NHS workers, friends and family held a candlelight vigil for a Filton doctor and former council candidate outside the prison in Bristol, where she is being held on remand.

Dr Warner, 61, was arrested for conspiracy to commit criminal damage with the“Beyond Politics Party” on August 24 and is currently being held on remand. 
In a statement made prior to arrest she said: “I am a retired GP and a mother of two. Just before I retired I was examining a six-week-old baby and I realized that I have to help her to have a good and fulfilled life, a happy life. 
"And if I’m willing to do that I have to set about changing the systems of our world which are destroying itself. Love is the basis of my life, there is nothing like it at all. And this is just what I have to do.”
The 30 NHS workers stood amongst Dr Warner's friends and family, in solemn vigil in front of Eastwood Park prison, in solidarity with their colleague whilst maintaining strict social distance in accordance with COVID regulations. Each held a single candle. 
A spokesperson for Dr Warner told Filtonvoice: " Diana has long married her NHS work 
with anti-war and climate activism. She was arrested protesting the Trident nuclear submarine programme in 2007, and again at the headquarters of BAE Systems in 2019, the world’s third largest weapons manufacturer. She stood twice for election as a Green Party candidate in 2015 and 2017, and in 2020 she joined the Beyond Politics Party.
"She is one of over 1,000 doctors to sign a letter from 2019 called“The cancer of climate change”, which states:'Governments abrogate their responsibility when they pursue grossly inadequate policies that risk environmental collapse. Non Violent Direct Action then becomes the reasonable choice for responsible individuals.'”
As we went to press, Dr Warner was due to have another bail hearing on September 22.