Twenty's plenty

June 29 2015

Much of Filton could become a 20mph zone under proposals by South Glos Council aimed at encouraging cycling.

Much of Filton could become a 20mph zone under proposals by South Glos Council aimed at encouraging cycling.

Residents are now being encouraged to respond to a consultation, which runs until July 3,

If adopted, the 20 mph scheme would affect the following roads; Eighth Avenue, Kipling Road, Mortimer Road, Ninth Avenue, Nutfield Grove and Wallscourt Road South; Brabazon Road, Mackie Avenue, Mackie Grove, Mackie Road, Roycroft Road, Shellard Road, Station Road, Stanley Avenue and Wallscourt Road; Broncksea Road, Braemar Avenue, Braemar Crescent, Charborough Road, Clyde Grove, Dunkeld Avenue, Elgin Avenue, Lomond Road and Rannoch Road; and Elm Park.

In a connected consultation, there are also moves to introduce speed humps in Dunkeld Avenue and Charborough Road, both of which are affected by rush hour drivers avoiding queues in Southmead Road.

The consultation says: “A number of new cycle routes have been identified to Southmead Hospital which pass through Filton.   To support the use of cycles within this area of Filton a number of possible improvement measures have been identified, which would be funded by Southmead hospital.   

“The aim of the proposals is targeted at reducing traffic speeds (in those locations without 20 mph restrictions or traffic calming), improving cycle access and improving road safety at junctions.

“These schemes are programmed for implementation during within this financial year (2015/16), and are subject to sufficient support from local business and residents, and comments received at a future formal consultation.

“A separate consultation into the introduction of a 20 mph speed restriction has recently been undertaken in the vicinity of Shield Road primary school (including Northville Road).  

“Department for Transport guidelines indicate that a 20 mph speed restriction could be introduced without accompanying traffic calming measures should average speeds be less than 24 mph.    

Filton Avenue, Gayner Road, Gloucester Road North, Pine Grove and The Wickets would be excluded from the 20 mph area.   

Meanwhile, existing speed recordings on Dunkeld Avenue, pictured, and Charborough Road indicate that on average vehicles are travelling at speeds in excess of 24 mph. It is proposed to introduce two speed tables (75mm high and 6 metres long) in Charborough Road and two speed tables (75mm high and 6 metres long) in Dunkeld Avenue to help reduce vehicular speed and support the proposed 20mph speed restriction.

Dunkeld Avenue and Rannoch Road have seen increases in cars parked during the day due to staff from the hospital who have no spaces on site.
Kenmore Drive and Crescent have had a residents’ parking zone for some time now to alleviate this problem.

Views on Facebook

Claire Gibbens: "I’ve never known anyone get above 20 on these roads due to hospital staff and school drop offs."

Cheryl Stone: "Fully support this. However people seem to speed above 30 as it is so those people won’t take any notice of the 20mph anyway. I doubt it will encourage more cycling."

Emm Gee: "Be good to have this limit on Shellard Road. Quite a rat run in the mornings."

Mike Waines Snr: "It’s fine placing a 20mph limit on the but who will enforce it, Filton Ave [North] has been a 20 zone for some time and there are no visible signs of it being enforced by anybody."