Three more 'lifesaving' defibrillators for Filton

November 02 2020
Three more 'lifesaving' defibrillators for Filton

Filton Town Council have installed three new heart defibrillators across Filton, adding to the six already funded and supplied by the Filton Chest and Heart .

by Shane Gibson

The locations are in each of the three Filton wards, Gloucester Road North (outside Greggs), Filton Avenue (near the Spar) and outside Bethany Gospel Hall. 
Brian Smith chair of the Filton Chest and Heart charity committee, a long-standing charity that supports people with heart and lung respiratory conditions and had previously installed six defibrillators across the area, said.“In early 2019 I asked  if Filton Town Council would like follow the lead of Patchway and supply three defibrillators to our community?
“The council were concerned about the cost, but I was able to identify three locations where defibrillators were needed.” 
  The council agreed and committed to installing the defibrillators.  
Town council clerk Natasha Gould from the council said: “South West Ambulance service offered the best package and at the council's request research was done into if we could have the defibrillators outside as all of the others across Filton are indoors.”
South West Ambulance have supplied clear instructions if on any occasion the defibrillators need to be used and are responsible for servicing and replacing the defibrillators.
Filton Town Council Clerk Lesley Reuben added:“We are really please to have the defibrillators. 
"There are people in the town who may one day need to use them and it is good to know we have them available.”
Filton now has ten available defibrillators, which according to Brian “is lifesaving equipment and well worth whatever the cost maybe.”