The heartwarming stories of Filton volunteers helping those in need

April 26 2020
The heartwarming stories of Filton volunteers helping those in need

Vulnerable people know they are not isolated any more

How the volunteer army was mobilised - click here


“We’ve really seen Filton at its best.”

Being at the centre of the volunteer effort, Debbie Teml has seen and heard first hand the amazing stories of help and kindness.

One lady called the helpline from Thornbury. Her mother, 102, lives independently in Filton but was struggling, especially as she had no washing machine. Her daughter usually did her washing.

The lady, in tears, told Debbie she was at her wits’ end. She was worried about her mum but could not dare visit her.

That’s when the network sprung into action. Debbie put it out to the network and since then local woman Kirstie Barnes has been (safely) collecting the washing, sorting it out, ironing, and returning it.

This is a huge comfort for the lady and her daughter. They know she is not isolated any more.

Then there was Louis Jones of Elm Park, pictured - a vulnerable man due to his health conditions. His sheltered housing manager got in touch with Filtonvoice to say that Louis had TOO MUCH food donated through a government scheme and he wanted to give to away to those who might benefit.

Debbie liaised and the food was collected and used as part of the food bank. Read his full story here.

The FACE food store only asks for a donation if affordable. One lady, overwhelmed by the support, donated £75 for a bag of potatoes and 6 eggs. She just wanted to make sure as many people as possible were helped.

One family, who were really struggling as they were awaiting school meal vouchers as they normally have free school meals, came up to try to get some food to feed their family after school referred them to the youth centre. They went away with a box of food, enough to feed the hungry family for a week! "Thank you so much, you don't know what this means for my family, and for me now to be able to sleep knowing we won't be going hungry!"

Other volunteers have been taking flowers to those they are helping and one elderly man received a birthday card, which made his day.

To date, all requests for help, shopping, prescriptions have been fulfilled.

Debbie said: “It has shown the very best side of our community. The volunteers are so eager to help and we have so much help that sometimes there is not much for them to do. I am the one answering the helpline phone and setting volunteers to tasks, but it is a HUGE thank you to all as this is very much a big team effort across Filton. The important thing is that vulnerable people and those living on their own know the Filton community is there for them. It’s overwhelming.