School’s pride as ambitious Ethan is first to be offered Oxford place

February 25 2016

Ethan Martin is on track to become Abbeywood Community School’s first Oxford University student.

by Rebecca Day
Ethan Martin is on track to become Abbeywood Community School’s first Oxford University student.
The 17-year-old from Filton has received a conditional acceptance from the prestigious university, where he would be studying for a degree in mathematics and computer science.
He is currently undertaking his A levels in maths, further maths, physics and computer science at the Post-16 Centre in Stoke Gifford, and is hoping to achieve the required grades of at least one A* and three As.
“I’ve always wanted to go to university, but it wasn’t until during my AS levels that I started thinking about where I wanted to go,” Ethan told Filtonvoice. “I was doing well at college, and people kept telling me that I should aim for Oxford or Cambridge University, so I went for it.
“I really enjoy programming, so I decided to study something to do with computers.”
He added: “I would be so happy if I get into Oxford University – going there would be great, as it would help me secure a good job in the future.”
Ethan’s interest in computer science was sparked after he chose the subject for his GCSEs at Abbeywood’s secondary school.
He is now busy revising for his exams, which begin in June.
Ethan will be collecting his results, along with his fellow classmates, on August 18.
Gemma Shafto, the director of Post-16 at Abbeywood Community School, said: “It’s a massive achievement for Ethan and we are all so proud.
“He will be the first student of ours to go to Oxford University, which is very exciting.
“It has certainly raised the aspirations of our secondary and AS level students, as they can see someone achieving something great. It instills in our students the belief that they can go for universities such as Oxford or Cambridge.”
According to Mrs Shafto, it is the strongest year to date for Abbeywood’s Post-16 college, with 44 out of 62 applying for university.
Half of those applying have received conditional places for Russell Group universities such as Bristol University.
Associate head teacher David Howe added: “We are so proud of Ethan, and all of our students who enjoy learning at our school and do their best every day.
“It confirms our commitment to every child in our care to enjoy an exceptional education.
“We believe passionately in the power of education as the ‘master key’ to unlock the doors to successful lives, and every member of staff at Abbeywood is utterly committed to making sure each and every student is equipped with the knowledge skills, confidence and motivation to have the very best life
chances to thrive in our modern world.”
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