Resident maps out hotspots where dog owners fail to pick up after pets

February 25 2016

Dog owners not picking up their pooches’ mess is an issue that infuriates many.

by Rebecca Day
Dog owners not picking up their pooches’ mess is an issue that infuriates many.
But for one Filton resident, it has angered him to such an extent that he has taken to plotting the muck on a map.
The dog owner, who prefers not be named, decided to scour his local streets on a Saturday in January to pinpoint on Google Maps where the problem was prevalent.
He noticed that it was particularly bad around Lomond and Rannoch Roads, where he also spotted other residents taking a stand by flagging piles with bamboo sticks, and spray-painting on pavements “No Dog Fouling”.
“We have some pretty disgusting and useless dog owners in the area who clearly don’t give a damn about their neighbourhood nor the law,” the resident told Filtonvoice.
“I wondered whether people had realised just how disgustingly filthy our verges are becoming – so much so that you can barely cross the verge to your car without risk – so I decided to walk just Kenmore Crescent, Dunkeld Avenue, Lomond Road and Rannoch Road with my dog and noted every individual pile of dog waste I spotted. Undoubtedly I will have missed others among the fallen leaves.
“It proved that I was not alone in my disgust at this easily solvable socio-environmental problem, though nobody else seems perturbed by it.
“I doubt that replacing the dog waste bin that was removed from the top of Dunkeld Avenue would fix it but at least it would erode away another feeble excuse people might use. Is the town council at all bothered?”
Many other residents have taken to social media to express their frustration over the troublesome dog waste.
Sam Radford wrote on the Filton News and Views webpage: “We are dog owners [who] make sure we pick up their mess. As a parent also I find it vile that it gets left by so many dog owners. I’m all for bringing back dog licences and trying to get rid of more of the irresponsible dog owners as chances are it is the same bunch that don’t vaccinate, insure, chip or correctly control their dogs, putting others at risk.”
Dan Webb said: “Try playing football on Elm Park. Before every game on a Sunday we have to do a poo patrol. This is youth football, not nice when they get dog’s mess on them during a game.”
Marcella Wyatt added: “The walk to Shield Road School is disgusting. Constantly telling my daughter and her friends to mind the poo! Absolutely no need. Don’t have a dog if you can’t pick up. It’s dangerous.”
Melanie Drewitt also wrote on the community page: “The dog bin was removed outside Filton clinic and the litter bin outside Shield Road School entrance was removed for no reason. This was years ago and [was] never replaced despite numerous complaints to South Gloucestershire and Filton Town Council hence the litter as well.”
A spokesperson from South Gloucestershire Council said: “In recent years national guidance on the disposal of dog waste has changed and it is no longer necessary to separate dog waste from other types of household waste.
“For this reason, dedicated dog waste bins are no longer required and waste can be disposed of in any available litter bin or your black household bin.
“Some parish areas in South Gloucestershire have opted to continue providing dog waste bins, but others have removed some or all dog bins and ask responsible dog owners to use dual use bins, formally litter
bins. Please remember that the absence of a dog waste bin or litter bin is not an excuse to
leave your dog’s waste behind. Please take your dog waste home.”
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