News in Brief

March 21 2014

News in Brief

Street lights

A petition to extend street lighting during the night was presented on behalf of Filton residents to South Gloucestershire full council on February 19.
The Labour group put forward the suggestion to extend street lighting until 1am, to accommodate for areas with a “night time economy”, such as Filton and Yate. According to councillor Ian Scott, “there is a significant number of residents still using streets at this time”.
Lights in Filton have been switched off since South Gloucestershire implemented plans to cut costs and lower emissions.
Engineers say the cost to turn the 600 lights back on would cost Filton £30,000. With roughly 4,000 homes paying council tax, households would pay an £7.50 per year, or 62p per month.

Police station move

Police officers have now moved our of Filton Police Station ahead of the move to new premises on the A38 towards Patchway.
Filton Town Council was told officers are currently operating from Filton Police Station.
Plans are underway to give PCSOs a room at the town council offices three days a week for residents to meet local officers.
Final details have not yet been confirmed.  

Band hits high notes

Filton Concert Brass has won the South West Regional 1st Section contest in Torquay.
The band, which was founded originally by Jim Scott, has scored a number of high profile successes in recent years and last weekend’ victory saw them compete with bands from Wiltshire to Cornwall.
It is now thought the band could be promoted to the highest level, the Championship Section where they would compete against many of the biggest names in the  brass band world.