Filton may get new rail station

January 13 2013
Filton may get new rail station

Filton could have a second railway station as part of plans for a Greater Bristol Metro.

Second rail station for Filton takes step forward

Filton could have a second railway station as part of plans for a Greater Bristol Metro.

The scheme by the West of England Partnership could see the former North Filton station - closed in 1964 - re-opened again.

This would connect to a re-opened Henbury Station, giving greater access to Cribbs Causeway.Greater Bristol Metro

Currently the plans are for a Henbury ‘spur’ which would mean services stopping there and returning but a campaign has been launched by Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie calling for the Henbury ‘loop’ which would mean Filton and Henbury would be linked to Shirehampton and Avonmouth.

And before Christmas, Ms Leslie, who led a cross-party delegation of city and regional MPs to meet transport minister Simons Burns, was given official confirmation that the government has been convinced that it needs to look at the case for a loop.

She said: "Plans for mass housing development risk unacceptable congestion on north Bristol’s roads, unless a loop line is in place. The loop would also mean people in north Bristol would have easy access to workplaces in and around Avonmouth, which has recently been designated an enterprise area.

"The plans for the Metro as they stand fall short of ideal. While they are a massive step forward, I believe that without the Henbury Loop it will be the missed opportunity of a generation.

"In short, as the plans stand, the line would ‘stop’ at Henbury, not link up to the Severn Beach Line ... meaning passengers travelling from Redland or Clifton Down looking for a connection to Cribbs Causeway would have to go all the way
into Bristol and out again via Filton.

"The ironic thing is that the track is there for freight now – we just need the green light for passenger services along with a reopened Henbury Station."

Ms Leslie has now launched a petition, Facebook and twitter campaign to ensure that as many voices are heard to
bring pressure on the partnership.

This can be found at There is a Facebook page