Mum's noise nightmare in Filton flat

February 06 2020
Mum's noise nightmare in Filton flat

In the property, there is 'a lack of sound insulation, and even a quiet conversation can be heard from all of the adjacent flats in the building'.

by Shane Gibson
Dee Thomas is a 26 year old mother who lives with her 16 month old toddler on Canberra Grove, in a flat managed by housing association Bromford. 
She moved into the property in October 2018 but what should have been a fantastic new beginning, became a nightmare.
In the evenings, she says, her young child is woken by noises from the other flats in the property, that under normal circumstances would be considered an acceptable volume.
Bromford say they have invested £100,000 in this and other flats to improve insulation and reduce noise.
They say more work will be done and completed by the end of February.
In Dee's particular property, she says, there is a lack of sound insulation, and even a quiet conversation can be heard from all of the adjacent flats in the building.
Dee’s baby is so disturbed  by the noise that Dee has her sleep in her room to try to settle her throughout the night.
She claims that after many calls and home visits from Bromford staff, who she says have agreed that the sound insulation is a problem, she has stopped chasing the housing association due to exhaustion and low mood caused by lack of action.
Dee said that she had reservations when she first viewed the property 
When she moved in with her child, she said the garden was horrendous.
“They had left rubbish from the refurbishment embedded in the garden when they were fully aware that I was moving in with my baby,” she said.
“I did not want to accept the  property but felt pressurised, with the threat of being penalised. 
"I had a four week baby at the time so had no choice.”
“After moving in, I had a page and a half of A4 listing jobs that needed doing.  The flat was advertised as refurbished, but they (Bromford) seem to be trying to save every penny that they can.“
As for the situation with the noise, an environmental sound assessment has been made.
After receiving the results, Dee claims that Bromford have said that 'they are legally within a barrier so they don't need to  do anything'.”
She says she no longer has faith in Bromford, and claimed they “suggested to each of us (Dee and her neighbour’s) that we report each other to the police, for antisocial behaviour.”
Bromford’s director of customer experience Carl Sautereau said: “Before Miss Thomas and the other customers moved into the flats we invested around £100,000 to install new insulation and fit acoustic underlay to minimise noise disruption. Since moving in we have completed remedial work to the gardens and after receiving the reports of noise between the flats, we hired an independent company to carry out a sound test. This found noise levels to be compliant with building regulations.
“However, we appreciate Miss Thomas is unhappy with the noise.  As well as investigating additional work to reduce the noise issues, we’ve visited her on several occasions and encouraged her and her neighbours to talk to each other about the issues.
"At the start of January we spoke to customers about our plans to install additional noise-reducing underlay by the end of January, with additional work due to be completed by the end of February.”