MoD commuters causing parking misery on roads - local resident

February 25 2016

A Filton Avenue resident is pleading for action to end what he says has become a parking “nightmare” in his street.

by Rebecca Day
A Filton Avenue resident is pleading for action to end what he says has become a parking “nightmare” in his street.  
In one incident, Paul Hookham says parking was once so bad, that he couldn’t move his car to take his 95-year-old mother to the doctor.
He believes that it is commuters from the MoD site, north of Filton, who are causing the problem.
Mr Hookham, who lives at the top end of Filton Avenue, near the former King George VI pub, said: “I got up one morning to take my mother to the doctors and my car was jammed in – to say I was fuming was an understatement.
“I phoned the police, and they told me to take the registration numbers over to the MoD. But when I got there, there was a massive queue, so I just went home and waited for the drivers to return.
“I confronted them, and they said that they worked at the MoD.”
Mr Hookham says that Filton Avenue is also being used as a rat run by commuters, and regularly sees drivers exceeding the speed limit.
He added that he often waits at least five minutes to get out of his parking space.
“I've had my wing mirror ripped off, my brother’s van has been hit, it’s just horrendous – it’s been a nightmare.
“I’ve inquired about getting a drive built, but it’s so expensive. Why can’t the council dig up the grass verges and make off-road parking?
“Parking restrictions could also work, but why should residents be penalised? It’s only going to get worse with more houses being developed. Something needs to be done.”
A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “If local residents have an issue regarding traffic management that requires investigation they can contact our Transport Services team by emailing Our engineers will then investigate the issue and respond.
“If we are notified of problems with traffic speeds, we could potentially arrange for one of our ‘smiley face’ vehicle-activated speed reminder signs to be positioned at the specified location for a number of weeks.
“These signs collect data on traffic speeds as well as visually smiling or frowning at drivers depending on their speed.”
A spokesman from MOD Abbey Wood said: “Staff parking in residential areas around Abbey Wood should comply with all traffic management restrictions.
“We also regularly remind our staff and visitors that they should also act with consideration for local
“We will continue to reiterate this message and continue to act on individual complaints that we receive.”
Vehicles parked illegally – including parking on double yellows, single yellows when restrictions are in place, parking over a dropped tactile kerb or any dropped kerb on a pedestrian footpath – can be reported to: or 01454 868000 during office hours.
Police can be contacted on 101 for issues regarding vehicles parking on the pavement or causing obstructions.