May Letters

May 24 2013

Readers' letters in May

Readers' letters in May


Elm Park ‘circus’

We are sorry that someone is worried that social housing on the police station site at Elm Park will be disruptive to St. Andrew’s Church.  In fact, St. Andrew’s welcomes such provision, as witnessed by the unanimous vote at the Church’s AGM.  Naturally, we reserve the right to comment on final plans when these become available.

Pauline Hayman

Church Council Secretary


Read the signs

I use the stretch of the A 38 quite often in the middle of the day.  99% of other drivers avoid driving in the Bus Lane  when it is not operating between 10am and 3.30pm.

Do the drivers read the several signs showing the operating hours?  OR do they not understand their meaning ?

Keith Isherwood

Somerset Avenue, Yate


Clinic saved

I am pleased that the Shields Avenue clinic will stay open.

However I am very concerned will the parking issue. There is a small carpark to the rear, yet staff and patients double park along Shields Avenue. If more services for the public are brought to the clinic, it would be in residents’ and patients’ best interests to have a larger car park.

Kirsten Gooding




It is a shame there is not the funding available to use the police station site to turn into our own hub style building, as the plot of land there would provide a bigger car park. I agree with Kirsten, Shield Road does get far too congested especially at school drop off or collection time.

I always try to walk if I have an appointment there but then the other issue can be how busy the wait on clinics and you can never fit all of the buggies in the building. The clinic is far from ideal for the size of our community but in saying that I’d still much prefer to go there than head all the way up to Patchway.

Samantha Louise Radford

Filton landlords

The community is being killed, slowly strangled by student lets!!!! Why can’t someone on the council bring this to the attention of the Government? Is it really out of anyone’s league to do so? Is there anybody who will help the residents to save the community?

Kirstie Barnes



As much as I agree with you Kirstie we have to accept the fact is UWE is so close to us that it makes the area attractive to student lets. It has changed Filton from a family place to a mix of family and student.

Pete Holcombe



As a council we have changed policy to a degree to allow us to challenge house conversions after several years of trying to stop it under current rules.

The Government are at the same time making it more difficult for us by changing planning law in a way that doesn’t help us at all.

Cllr Roger Hutchinson



Kirstie, while my sentiments are absolutely with you (endless cycle of students et al next door with no stake in the community etc), core planning policy does come from Westminster not the local council. If the council do something that is not aligned they will lose an appeal and have costs awarded against them. The starting point is your MP, not the council. One of the "benefits" of becoming "a nation of small landlords" three decades back.

Sean Walsh



Kirstie is right about the number of students far outweighing the families in our community and taking over.

I realise that they aren’t all bad but they have no vested interest in the area as they will be gone after a relatively short period. It seems that more and more the community is adapting and bending to make the environment benefit them with more and more takeaways appearing.

With students come late night parties, rubbish left to accumulate because it isn’t put out, and in some cases illegal activities. How many of us have gone to Millennium with the kids to find groups of drinking students making a nuisance of themselves and intimidating families into leaving.

Something does need to be done to limit the numbers allowed in one area. Or at least make it easy for residents to contact the landlords directly to complain about bad students in their houses, perhaps then they will be more choosy about who they let it.

Claire Pearson-Now Troote



We have lived here for more than 50 years and lately the whole area has gone downhill bigtime! Five out of 10 houses opposite us are student lets.

It’s not only the school that suffers, but it brings other problems like parking (4/5 cars per house), litter (takeaway rubbish strewn about), overflowing bins, unkempt gardens, washing hanging up in windows ... I could go on. Even the shops down by the Bulldog, 5 out of 10 are takeaways! And we are expected to live with it. We agree with Kirstie Barnes, it’s totally unacceptable.

Pat and Brian Smith



I agree with Kirstie, Claire et all! The Conygre end of Filton is just as bad with so many private lets, mainly students - but not all.

The students have not got any interest in their local community as most of them are just passing through. The area has been going downhill for years and looks a mess. Most families don’t even consider buying a property here any more so it will only get worse. There is no longer a general sense of pride or community in the area which is very sad. Apparently the council are not able to do anything so we really do need to get rid of this government as soon as we can. The last lot were no better either so perhaps it is time for a complete change.......make sure think about which box you tick at the next election.

Fran Read