Where you can drop off library consultation forms

March 29 2016

Where you can drop off library consultation forms

The following places and residents will gather consultation forms regarding threat to Filton LIbrary


Filton Town Council offices, Elm Park, Filton
(by swimmng pool)
FACE, St Andrews Methodist Youth Centre,
Elm Park, BS34 7PS

Conygre ward
Filton Hill Primary School, Blenheim Drive, BS34 7AX
Cllr Joanne Ward, 8 Boverton Road, BS34 7AH
Cllr Keith Briffett, 81 Conygre Road, BS34 7DG

Northville Ward
Shield Road Primary School, Shields Ave, BS7 0RR
Cllr Darryl Collins, 47 Mackie Avenue, BS34 7NE
Cllr Roger Hutchinson, 3 Northville Road, BS7 0RQ
Mr Dave Mikkelson, 21 Ferndale Road, BS7 0RP
Mr Gareth Keel, 36 Mortimer Road, BS34 7LF

Charborough ward
Charborough Road Primary School, BS34 7RA
Cllr Adam Monk, 642 Southmead Road, BS34 7RE
Sue Lonsdale, c/o 49 Dunkeld Avenue, BS34 7RQ