'It's time to block all HMO applications in Filton’

February 14 2021
'It's time to block all HMO applications in Filton’

A Filton town councillor says all future applications for HMOs in the town should be rejected as the concentration is already too high.

by Rich Coulter and Shane Gibson

Cllr Chris Wood told the town council meeting that with more than 40% of South Glos's large HMOs, as revealed in last month's Filtonvoice, enough was enough.
He cited South Glos's Residential Parking Standards document which says: "Such developments (flats conversions and HMOs) can, if inappropriately located and/or by becoming concentrated in a locality, increase local on-street parking problems."
Councillors were discussing a new application for an eight-bed HMO at 99 Northville Road, close to 64 which had its planning application for an 8-bed HMO thrown out.
Cllr Adam Monk said that this property has previously had multiple rejections to their application.
Cllr Wood said he has written to South Glos with the same objections for which the town council rejected the application at 64 Northville Road.  
He said: "All applications for HMOs in Filton should now be rejected based on (Filton having) 40% of those in South Glos. 
Council chair Darryl Collins said that he would like to see the council reject the application.  
Town clerk Lesley Reuben said that‘prejudice against neighbouring properties’ could also be added to the rejection.
Councillors agreed to formalise their objections and write to South Glos. 
As Filtonvoice went to press, another application was published, this time for a seven-bed HMO at 25 Northville Road.