Green Filton

April 30 2019
Green Filton

Visions to put Filton on the map as a green town are becoming a reality as projects to enhance its rural spaces are now afoot.

by Rebecca Day
Visions to put Filton on the map as a green town are becoming a reality as projects to enhance its rural spaces are now afoot.
Plans to improve the town’s green credentials are being led by chair of Filton’s award-winning community garden, Dave Mikkelson, in response to feedback gathered from the town’s community plan survey.
A need for more trees and for the town to look less ‘drab’ were just some of the responses given by residents.
Projects include creating a ‘green corridor’ across the town, planting daffodils to brighten Filton’s roundabout and grass verges, developing a fold-out walking map, and planting more than 100 trees.
At the March Filton Town Council meeting, councillors and residents received an update on how plans were progressing and the various community-led projects that are now under way, including the development of Northville Community Garden.
Dave says that, “with funding cuts biting deep into the money spent on green spaces, community-led initiatives are the future”.
Dave, who was born and raised in Filton and is incredibly passionate about seeing the town thrive, says that green spaces offer huge benefits – not only for the environment, but also for residents’ own physical and mental health.
At Filton’s community garden, Dave has noticed a significant increase in wildlife since the space was created in 2013.
He also says that it has become an “oasis” for local people to enjoy and spend time among nature.
“I’m hoping that these various projects will make Filton a better place to live and visit,” explains Dave.
“If the area looks nice, then more residents will take pride in the place they live.”
Dave says that he is always looking for residents to volunteer their time to support Filton in its journey to becoming a greener place to live.
For more details about Filton's green projects, read pages 5-7.
If interested in volunteering your time, contact Dave Mikkelson on



1 Roundabout and grass verges Daffodils will be planted in November on Filton roundabout and along grass verges to add some colour to the town’s gateway. This is generously being funded by a £200 grant from Airbus.

2 Filton Community Garden Filton’s community garden has grown from strength to strength over the years and has been recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the Royal Horticultural Society for five years running. Recent instalments in the garden include a new bench in memory of local resident Howard Bowker and a bird identification notice. A retaining wall, costing £3,000, is also to be built along the walkway next to the tennis courts, and students from South Glos College are set to brighten the wall by painting a mural.

3   Pathways at the bottom of Elm Park field – regularly used by parents walking their children to Shield Road School – are visibly wider and more user friendly now that the overgrown grass has been removed. Other paths are also being widened, through removing overgrown grass. Around 18 inches have been added to the width of each path.

4 AllotmentsNot many people know that there are allotments in Filton, and if residents do know they exist, many are unsure how to go about getting one. Work is being done to improve these two allotment sites in Nutfield Grove and Station Road. Once the work has been completed, Filtonvoice will publish details on how residents can obtain an allotment.

5 Millennium Green Once a sports field, Millennium Green has become a popular spot for dog walkers. A new Friends group has been set up by local resident Nigel de Bray to maintain the space. The group has already held litter picks and is looking to plant a wildflower meadow. Residents interested in being part of the group can join the ‘Friends of Filton Millennium Green’ Facebook group.

6 Northville Community Garden Permission has now been awarded to develop the disused space – known as Jennings Garden – behind the Bulldog pub, between Northville Road and Fifth Avenue. Resident Dr Jody Muelaner is leading on the project to develop the land into a thriving green space. The team has already planted a nature hedge, shrubs and a fruit orchard as well as creating a play space for children. An open day for Filton residents is due to take place in July.

7 Dog fouling In a bid to tackle dog fouling in Elm Park and Millennium Green, signs have now been put up warning dog walkers of the fines they could face for not picking up their pet’s mess. Owners who fail to clear up after their dogs can face prosecution and fines up to £1,000. It is hoped that the signs will encourage dog walkers to take more responsibility and respect the town council’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach to dog fouling. Previously there was no signage in the parks.

8 Cycle speedway track Among plans to enhance Filton’s green spaces include reviving the unused cycle speedway track in Elm Park. The current surface has become unsuitable for any other activity and with grass growing through the track, it has been difficult to maintain. Proposals have been put forward to install a new all-weather surface, for multi-sport use, which would hold many benefits for the local community.  A quotation of £20,140 for the work has been received – funding for this will be sought once the community plan is completed.

9 Walking map While public use of Filton golf course and BAWA playing fields is prohibited, lots of public rights of way have been identified. These footpaths will be highlighted in a green map of Filton, which the town council is producing. The map will be modelled on the ‘Discover Patchway’ map which includes information on foraging spots, recipe ideas and information on joining local conservation groups.

Protecting green spaces

Campaigners continue to fight to save local green spaces from land grabbing and have submitted revisions of the Local Plan to South Gloucestershire Council for consideration.