Filton schools pull together in support of key workers over Easter

April 03 2020
Filton schools pull together in support of key workers over Easter

Schools will offer classes on one site

All nine schools in the Olympus Academy Trust, including Abbeywood Community School, Filton Hill Primary and Charborough Road Primary, will continue to run classes across the Easter holidays to support the children of key workers.  Staff are following an agreed rota to provide support and will be working in two teams so if one team member becomes ill with Covid-19, it shouldn’t affect the other team. 

Classes will be consolidated into one school, Bradley Stoke Community School, and the Trust are putting on free minibuses to transport children needing school places to and from outlying areas. While the other schools are empty, the Trust is arranging for them to be deep cleaned.

Dave Baker, CEO of Olympus Academy Trust, said: ‘Staff in all nine schools in the Trust have pulled together to respond to the current health crisis. We are supporting children of key workers and vulnerable children who need our support with a place at school along with free snacks and hot lunch during the day for both staff and learners. We are also offering free Breakfast and After School Clubs for younger learners so that our key workers can carry on with the fantastic work that they are doing.’

Providing places at school extends to the Easter bank holidays with staff working on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday to ensure the support continues.

For a group of secondary students who are not in school and without access to a computer, the Trust has re-purposed school laptops and purchased dongles for Internet access.  This equipment is being issued to secondary students who need laptops to access online learning at home.  Two schools in the Trust, Abbeywood Community School and Bradley Stoke Community School have already donated protective face masks from their science labs to frontline health and care workers. The others are following suit.

Mr Baker added: “In the last few days, we have seen an increase in requests from parents and carers who are self-employed or have lost their jobs during this crisis and are now needing school places because they have taken up temporary work in distribution centres, supermarkets or similar. We will do everything we can to support these people at this difficult time.”