Filton primaries 
excel ... and St Teresa’s is top in city for progress

January 12 2016

Pupils at a primary school serving Filton made more progress last year than any other in the whole Bristol region, new figures show.

Pupils at a primary school serving Filton made more progress last year than any other in the whole Bristol region, new figures show.

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary topped the rankings for ‘value added’ across Bristol, South Glos, North Somerset and BANES, and placed in the top 100 nationally.

The school was also in the top three performing schools in Bristol for key stage two SAT’s results, with 97% of pupils achieving at least level 4+ and 52% of pupils achieving level 5+ in reading, writing and maths.

In addition, 45% of pupils achieved a level 6 in maths.

Level 4 is the Government’s measure of where a child, on average, is expected to reach by the end of primary school.

Filton’s other schools also did well, with Shield Road achieving 85% Level 4 and 15% Level 5. Charborough Rd achieved 84% Level 4 and 13% Level 5 while Filton Hill scored 77% in Level 4 and 10% Level 5.

These figures do not take into account the level the child was at before coming to primary school and many factors can contribute to the overall score.

St Teresa’s head Amanda Pritchard said: “This is the culmination of many years hard work and is due to the dedication and skills of all our staff, governors and parents and of course our lovely pupils themselves who give of their best and help each other.  

“Everybody at St Teresa’s works hard every day to ensure that the children have the best possible chance to make the 
most of their gifts and talents 
in a happy and caring atmosphere.  

Alexandra Flaherty-Weeks, chair of governors, added, “We are especially proud to be at the top of the rankings at a time when Bristol schools have never been stronger.  Obviously we know that there is so much more to St. Teresa’s than SATs results, however we should feel extremely proud of ourselves and our children as this is an amazing achievement.”

Shield Road Primary head Jim Mepham said: “We achieved 85% Level 4 plus in Reading,Writing and Maths which was higher than over 10 local schools in the neighbourhood. We are the 11th top school (out of 85) in South Gloucestershire for attainment of disadvantaged pupils, over the last three years.

 “I am very pleased by our recent results but just as pleased by recent feedback from new parents who like the ethos and warm feeling of our school.”

Charborough Rd head Nicola Bailey said: “We are very proud of the achievements of all of our children, both those in our mainstream and Resource Base provision.

“We are now looking forward to, and preparing for, the new system of ‘life after levels’ from Summer 2016 which we hope will capture our pupils’ attainment in a broader way!”

Filton Hill head Kirsten Lemming said: “The children worked incredibly hard and deserve a lot of praise for their efforts.”

All of the schools serving Filton met the Government’s 65 per cent floor target of students gaining a Level 4 in the 
three Rs.

St Teresa's Primary School