Filton could get a second Greggs and Travelodge

August 08 2020
Filton could get a second Greggs and Travelodge

A 24-hour Greggs drive-through and a Travelodge could be built next to McDonald's at the Abbeywood Retail Park.

A planning application on behalf of Greenspruce GP and Invesco Real Estate, supported by Savills in Bristol, details plans for the new buildings which would be on land before the McDonald's site as you enter the retail park. The hotel would have 85 rooms and the whole site is expected to create 25 jobs, in addition to the work created in construction.
The backers say the hotel will be needed, particularly in light of the new arena at Filton Airfield which will attract visitors from outside the local area and who will need accommodation after late-night concerts.
Filton already has a Greggs on Gloucester Road North and several hotels nearby.
Local people have expressed concern that the hotel and Greggs will mean an already congested part of Filton will see further traffic issues.
In an economic report produced alongside the planning application, Savills say:"With a capacity of 17,000 seats, the proposed‘YTL Arena’ at the Brabazon Hangars will give the area a national standing in terms of large entertainment events. 
"The ‘YTL Arena’ will create a significant level of demand for hotel accommodation across North Bristol Fringe. The forthcoming arena proposal will give national prominence to the area and the hotel is one part of fulfilling the economic demands."
They also say the development will add £500,000 per year to the local economy.
South Glos planners will now consider the application.
Residents have been able to respond to the plans on the South Glos Planning website.
Phillipa Hoare: I object to the planning of the building of a new drive Gregg's and hotel by the MOD roundabout as this is going to cause more congestion and traffic problems and solutions have not been thought through, as there are sufficient shops, restaurants cafes and takeaway food chains.
Samantha Rawle: This is at complete odds with South Glos Joint Local Transport Plan v4, particularly with respect to the aim to improve poor air quality and address climate change.  The two businesses will employ mostly low skilled(staff) and thus attract low wages; this will have very limited positive impact on the local economy and employment. There is no net improvement to quality of life for local residents such as myself. I wholeheartedly oppose this development.
Lynne Goldsack-Rowland: In normal traffic conditions(ie before lockdown), the road into and out of the retail park is heavily congested between 3pm and about 7pm, so much so that traffic queues around the retail park for an hour or so just to get out. 
The McDonald's road feeds into this road so either will contribute to increasing the queues around the retail park, or(visitors)will have to queue themselves for an hour or so.
Linda Hendrick: I do not think we need another hotel. We have one next to the MOD and there is also one by Filton College. There is enough traffic now which causes gridlock every evening. There are empty units in the shopping area, why can't these be used? During lockdown the air was different and the noise was reduced. If this(development) were to happen the levels would go up and it would not be a nice area in which to live.