Make your views count, residents urged

January 17 2014
Council consultation

Filton Town Council has launched a wide-ranging consultation on a series of major issues affecting the town.

Residents can take the consultation online here.

Filton Town Council has launched a wide-ranging consultation on a series of major issues affecting the town.
Councillors want residents to  give their views on ‘houses of multiple occupancy (HMO)’, street lighting and streetcare sevices such as grass cutting.
The results could influence what level of service residents could expect in the future - and also affect the level of council tax which each household pays.
Street lighting has attracted much local attention after South Glos Council decided to switch off many lights in the town during the night as part of measures to save money and reduce carbon emissions.
It has been revealed that individual parish and town councils can elect to ‘buy back’ the lighting service but this would mean an increase in the ‘precept’ - the part of council tax which funds town council activities.
Last year, Filtonvoice reported that to turn on all the lights in Filton would result in a charge of approximately £7 per household per year.
Streetcare services have also seen cutbacks and again, the town council has the option to ‘buy back’ the services such as grass cutting, hanging baskets and dog bin collections.
Together, this would mean a charge of £4.33 per year to each household.
HMOs were in the news last spring when concerns were raised that too many houses in Filton were being used for student accommodation with both tenants and landlords failing to take responsibility for bins and parking. The town council is asking residents if they would be willing to fund a survey to assess the level of HMOs in the town. This would mean an extra £12.55 per household on the precept.
Town council chairman Darryl Collins, pictured, said: “This is your opportunity to let us know what you think about these three important issues raised through our council meetings by residents.  The issue of Multiple Occupancy Housing has been raised as a cause for concern by a number of residents both in regard to parking and general housing maintenance issues.
“Should you agree and this proposed survey prove successful there is the probability for us to recoup any initial costs.
“Street lighting has been raised on a number of occasions.
“Lastly we have the issue of ‘Streetcare’, where we need to look at things like the cutting of grass verges, our hanging baskets and Christmas lighting?
“Please get involved in this consultation where we fully value your feedback to help us make the right decisions.”

A consultation will also take place on the future of the Elm Park playpark.
Last month it was reported that £70,000 grant funding has been secured to improve the playpark and now families are being invited to the Elm Park Pavilion on Saturday, January 18 at 11.30am to give their views.