February Letters

February 14 2013

Readers' letters in February

Readers' letters in February

Bringing back happy memories

I look forward to reading the Filton Voice, it brings back happy memories.

As a child I was taken to the Green Cafe many times for lunch.  I can also remember the old cottages on Filton Hill leading up to the Green Cafe;  flowers and vegetables were sold at the gate on the hill (money put in a box at the side) Those were happy days – Filton as it was.

I have lived in Filton for 81 years and seen many changes – not always for the best.  Happy memories!

Gloria Brown (nee James)

Nutfield Grove



Just been enjoying a browse through the January edition of Filtonvoice.  Thank you Richard.

Just a few remarks about the article on the old cafe, pictured below, by Jackie and Peggie.

Frank Swales was verger at the parish church but not warden. He was very much under his sister’s thumb both there, where she was sacristan, and in the cafe.  Frank lived in Gloucester Road North, 3 or four doors south of the dentist’s surgery with his sister, Mrs Irene Hay, Donald Hay and Miss Culverwell who helped in the cafe.

I have a couple of  ‘before and after’ photos of the cafe site taken from a bedroom window at 74 Branksome Drive.  Jackie and Peggie might be interested.



Nic Blount

Lots of change

Most people in Filton, I am sure, appreciate the monthly ‘Filton Voice’ issue that gives a good insight of what is happening in the area. 

Having been in Filton  since around 1935 and seen Filton change from a farming area to houses and roads, gone are the green fields with cows grazing, Plunket’s shop, Travilian’s barbers shop with his parrot, blacksmith’s shop and horses all around. 

As youngsters we called to the parrot through the letter box, to be chased away of course – good clean fun!  Church Farm had the Filton Fire tender in one of the barns opposite the church, moved to a place opposite the Anchor Pub – now replaced.

Back to the present day, I may have missed a mention of a change in the road opposite the church appearing in the Filton Voice or on notice boards about the closing of the underpass.   I thought it was of less priority than the pavement and roads in Filton that are in a poor state – some not been attended to since houses were built over 60 years ago apart from cable laying. 

It seems pavements and roads must be in a bad state before attention – potholes and overgrown hedges are not always in that category.

Comments over – good luck to Filton Voice.

Ken Dunn

Rodney Crescent

Welsh spelling

I write with reference to the feature article in the December issue, written by Mr Doug Daniels, about the trip with Filton Garden Club to the National Botanic Garden of Wales, pictured opposite top.

While I appreciate the sentiment expressed in the report, I cannot let pass the faux pas of his key headline word, repeated again in his conclusion.

The correct spelling of ‘welcome’ in Welsh of CROESO not CRUESCO.

Mr Daniels can hardly expect a Croeso to Wales until he’s checked his spelling and been to Specsavers!

Confion cynnes.

Jean John, Filton Ave.

Dog mess fury

The snow is gone and the grass is re-exposed in Monks Park.  Walking the dog this afternoon and from the confines of the paths I counted 26 separate
piles of dog mess in various states from relatively fresh to older. 

Even when it’s sitting on snow – easy to see, easy to pick up, these owners can’t be bothered.  Just recently I told someone that one of his dogs had just done a fresh one. 

He didn’t know and had to ask someone else for a bag.  Clearly hadn’t come out equipped to bag it and bin it!  I’ve heard some corkers: my dog normally poos only once; I’ve run out of bags; the kids don’t play near the trees…! 

The 26 piles of dog mess I saw today can obviously be multiplied by an unknown factor if I was to check the open grassed area between the paths.

I walk the dog 4 times a day and if I were to play the same game that means I could potentially contribute say 4 piles a day, or 28 piles a week, or 120 – 124 piles a month or a grand total of around 1,460 piles of dog mess in the park each year.  That would be from just one owner, one dog! 

My partner also has her own dog so from just that one household, we could contribute nearly 3,000 piles of dog mess to the park each year in pursuit of this endeavour. 

So I wanted to write to simply ask: What the hell is wrong with you people?!  

If you can’t clear up after your dog, your dog should be taken away and given to a responsible owner who will!  This park is for everyone, not just for the convenience of dog owners who don’t give a damn about other users.




Getting it right

Whilst reading with keen interest the airfield closure article I have noticed a mistake on page 9.

Picture 4 shows four Concordes being put together in centre bay not USAF F1-11 bombers (stated as fighters) in west bay as the write up indicates.



Dan Webb.


I find Filton Voice a good way to keep up with what’s going on in Filton, but was disappointed in the captions to the photos on page 9 supporting the airfield articles.

Captions of photos 3 and 4 are definitely wrong, pictured. 

Photo 3 shows the 501 squadron site in the foreground with Hayes Lane running up the left side and the three Belfast sheds by the A38 in the background; it dates from about 1920, not 1911 as implied by your caption as the sheds (and indeed the airfield in that area) did not exist then - flying took place near Fairlawn as shown in photo 2. 

Photo 4 is in the AAH, but the aircraft are clearly Concordes being assembled, and not F-111s; there is a complete Concorde in British Airways colours in the right of the photo.

Nigel de Bray



Fight for BS34

Janet Hillier & I are still battling for our BS34 postcode that reflects the fact that we live
in Filton, South Gloucestershire. 

We have been to our local MP Jack Lopresti, who despite having tried & been turned down by Royal Mail, is prepared to try again.

He has also asked them to consider changing the location for parcel collection from Monpelier to Patchway.

His staff have also written to the Association of British Insurers, to ask if they can offer advice on how to persuade Insurance Companies to assess premiums for our specific area differently, and not rely just on the BS7 postcode.

All we want is the same postcode as other Filton residents, so we don’t have to pay increased insurance costs.

We will keep you updated. Here’s hoping 

Brian Smith