FCA pledge to hold AGM 'in April'

March 30 2019
FCA pledge to hold AGM 'in April'

The leadership of Filton Community Association, which last year was subject to scrutiny by the Charity Commission, has told Filtonvoice an AGM will possibly be held this month.

The leadership of Filton Community Association, which last year was subject to scrutiny by the Charity Commission, has told Filtonvoice an AGM will possibly be held this month.
The association has been at the centre of controversy for several months over issues surrounding its governance
Newly published but late accounts show a loss in 2017/18 of apparently £11,000
Repeated appeals for the association to call an AGM have not led to such a meeting but now treasurer David Gillard told Filtonvoice that while he didn't know when it would be, it would probably be 'April'.
The association, which also came under fire for the membership of its trustee body, has also now updated its entry on the Charity Commission website.
The trustees are now named as David Gillard, Margaret Gillard, Steven England, Anthony Dark and Nigel Williams.
At a recent Filton Town Council meeting, Cllr Alan Tink revealed he was now vice chairman of the association.
He called for councillors not to 'interfere' any more.
The accounts for 2017/18, only recently published, show an apparent loss of between  £11,539.97 and £60,978.97.
The accounts show expenditure of £117, 967.90 and income of £56,988.93 - aloss of £60,978.97.
The expenditure includes nearly £60,000 in maintenance between April 2017 and March 2018.
However in what appears to be incomplete accounts, a category called 'business/membership' shows monthly income totalling £49,439.
This would still leave a loss of £11,539.97.
Mr Gillard refused to explain what 'business/membership' was but Filtonvoice has been told two large sums of around £30,000 and £10,000 in this category could be lottery grants.
The accounts also have no entries for bar purchases (alcohol) or income from the bar.
The association has come under fire for the practice of taking cash home after functions instead of keeping it in a safe.
In the past year several incidents have provoked concern from town councillors and residents:
The Charity Commission said it had concerns over 'serious mismanagement within the charity'. In an email to FCA treasurer David Gillard, a Commission case worker highlights failures to keep details on the register of charities up to date.
Paid employee Oliver Newbury, who has since left the organisation, raised serious concerns over its governance and placed the FCA accounts in the hands of Filton Town Council while the Charity Commission investigated.
FCA lost a major client - Robins Nursery - after a dispute over payments and the terms of their agreement.
An acrimonious public meeting nearly failed to take place when treasurer Mr Gillard initially walked out. Several issues were raised including membership of the trustee body coming largely from Mr Gillard's family.
An EGM collapsed in disarray when Mr Gillard resigned on the spot only to retract this decision after the meeting.
Mr Gillard said he was unwilling to discuss the accounts with Filtonvoice but said that in terms of accuracy, they were 'as near as dammit'. When pressed about the meaning of 'business/membership' he refused to offer an explanation.
The accounts and details of the new trustees can be viewed at www.gov.uk/government/organisations/charity-commission then click 'Find a Charity'.
A Charity Commission spokesperson said: “We engaged with the trustees of Filton Community Association regarding concerns relating to the charity’s governance.
"We provided guidance to the trustees, and following our intervention, an election was held and a new board of trustees has been appointed.
"We have instructed the trustees to update the register of charities to ensure this is accurately reflected to the public. Charities are rightly held to high standards and so we expect the new board to ensure they are actively fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to ensure the charity is well-managed and inspires the trust of the community it serves.”