FACE Filton volunteer system

March 21 2020

How local professionals and volunteers are coming together to support the most vulnerable

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Local community charity FACE is right here for you!

We will be helping you to advise people in the best way to get through this period of time, and we'd love it if you could feed in any concerns to us so we can try to find the right help and inform each of us!

FACE is working with a range of other organisations on this, we are not alone! In the 'task group' we have Filton Voice, St Peter's Church, One You, A member of the South Glos Council Public Health team, A member of the Olympus School Trust, 3 Filton Town Councillors and a South Glos Councillor.



We are all trying to just get through and support the community in the best way we can. Hopefully between us we should be able to find the information people need.