In or out? Our local Filton politicians give their views on the European Referendum debate

April 15 2016

In June, Britain will vote whether or not to remain in the European Union. Filtonvoice has asked local politicians and residents what the impact will be one way or the other, especially on local communities

South Glos Labour councillor Ian Scott: “I will be voting for Britain to stay in the European Union because I believe that is the best way of attracting high quality jobs and international investment to the Filton in the future. “For example Airbus Group expects the competitiveness of its British operations to fall if Britons vote to leave the European Union in a referendum, potentially threatening the scale of the planemaker’s operations in the country.”

Filton Town Council UKIP councillor Keith Briffett: “For 40 years the EU has taken away our sovereignty. We pay a massive amount in and get nothing back. “We’re beholden to the EU for money. The scaremongering over Airbus is cobblers. “There’s no reason why we couldn’t still trade sensibly in Europe.”

Filton and Bradley Stoke MP Jack Lopresti “I was delighted when the Conservative Government delivered on a referendum. “David Cameron did his best (over renegotiations) but it was impossible to get meaningful reform. We need to be free to self-govern. There is also the issue of security. “We cannot continue in the EU and keep track of all the people coming in as well as get to grips with mass migration.”

South Glos Labour councillor Adam Monk: “I will be voting to remain within the EU. For many reasons, whatever the outcome the UK is extremely reliant and influenced by the EU. The only way you can influence this is to be part of it.”

Filton Town Council UKIP councillor Alan Tink: “One of the issues I have been involved in recently is the reports that over 600,000 National Insurance Numbers have been issued in the past year to new arrivals. If this is confirmed then it is no wonder the health service and the benefit system is oversubscribed. This is of course is one reason why the UK needs to get back control of its borders.”

Residents’ views

Paul Thomas How would this affect Airbus if we are no longer in the EU? With a potential import/export tariff Airbus could face higher costs and this would jeopardise future business being moved here. They could shut down the plants and move to an EU country like Spain or France, even Germany where precision engineering is renowned. Airbus being one of the largest employers in the area will, even if only down-sized, have a noticeable impact to Filton. No “out” advocates have yet spelt out how this will be good for the UK.

Sean Walsh I have yet to hear a coherent rational “No” argument. I await it with interest. When people talk about EU stopping stuff, what tangibly is being stopped? What don’t I have? Currently I have some good EU sponsored employment/parental rights good standard of quality control. the right to travel easily etc. What will I get if we leave? The usual things abound, control of borders security and less red tape. Most terrorists in the modern age are home grown.

Helen Monk I don’t think we know enough or even anything at all yet. At the moment all we have to go by are the views of the ‘IN’ people who just surmise and scaremonger with no basis what-so-ever that Airbus will retreat to France/Germany/Spain, Rolls-Royce (cars) will go back to Germany and Joe’s Bakery will stop selling rolls. Against this the ‘OUT’ people whose views with no basis what-so-ever are that if we don’t come out of the EU they’ll be no jobs at Airbus/ Rolls-Royce/Filton for any British people and no school places, doctors appointments and cheese and onion pasties at Greggs. I long for facts on how this will affect us at a local, and National level but sadly we don’t have any.

Mike Waines Snr From what I can see if we vote out we save twice ,once by not paying into the central fund and then by not paying locally on benefits and infrastructure for economic migrants.

Ken Hoare I personally think it will be a good thing to stay in the E.U to secure human rights and jobs in this country.

Jules Trucks I’m waiting to hear an argument either way that doesn’t involve fear tactics or blaming immigrants for everything. I’d just like some unbiased facts and figures.

James Robertson If anything I’ve become bored of this already - have already made my mind up and if anything just laughing along to both side with their crystal balls arguing about the future which we all know is fairly unpredictable. My best guess is that for 95% of things that affect us, it will carry on all the same either way.