June Letters

May 24 2013

Readers' letters in June

Readers' letters in June


Disappointed by Flyer bus service

The first time I went to use it the service did not show at all and I could have missed my hospital appointment. I then rang then phone number listed with this service to ask if it would be running at all this day for my return journey. The line continually rang. When I hung up and immediately dialled back it was engaged so I left it for a few minutes dialled again and it just rang and rang this went on for over an hour. When I then gave up and tried again still no answer so not only no bus but no one to answer the queries either.
I feel sorry for other people who maybe had no other means of getting to the hospital and had maybe waited months for their appointments.

Sadly Disappointed


Which party does cllr represent?

May I ask Councillor Rikki Teml of Filton Town Council, just which party he now represents? Originally I’m sure he was a member of the Tory party, then went independent and now joining Filton Labour.

I now read on your letters page May 2014 edition he’s speaking for UKIP’s actions on their behalf.

We aren’t surely to take someone seriously who changes his political beliefs as often as his socks?

Lastly, as he voted to increase the council precept once again, could he explain why he continues to support the wasteful spending of a town council he has criticised frequently and Labour’s pet projects?

Is it a case of if you cant beat em join em?

Confused voter, Fay Morris

Track was waste of our money

If Labour’s Roger Hutchinson, Ian Scott and Adam Monk, enjoy pointing out the mistakes of other parties when it comes to saving money and tough decisions (your last edition) would they care to comment on the terrible state of the cycle speedway track once championed for Filton council to spend £50,000 on?

Today it lies dormant, a sad testament to Filton Labour’s inability to connect with what people of this town want and failing to consult with their constituents.

In complete contrast, a few feet away stands a magnificent community effort in the blossoming garden, turning an unloved piece of elm park, into something everyone can use at a fraction of the cost.

I’m afraid it’s not the voter who is “sticking his head in the sand” more so councillors of Labour like Mr Hutchinson, who are going round in weed ridden circles!

Congratulations to all those involved in the garden who have shown hard work and doing what’s right, people power always prevails in the end!

Keen gardener and dog walker, Filton


I regularly read your Filton Facebook page with interest,however it concerns me that our Filton councillors seem to to use social media as an alternative to actively getting into the community to talk to elderly residents and those who don’t use Facebook. 

It seems to be used to make political sniping statements and is rather lazy politics into view. It is is clear a lot of time is being spent on Facebook for some south gold councillors!

The monthly surgeries held also are very early and last an hour if that, almost just putting a tick in a box!

I don’t think we are getting value for money at all any more.

Is there a better alternative to vote for in Filton than these armchair politicians?

Mrs Reese

Laughably, the 3 Labour councillors Hutchinson, Monk and Scott proved my point in your latest edition. 

Three councillors to send one message I ask you! Duplication of effort and surely where we can make savings by reducing to one?

Do they not have their own views or do they have to speak one opinion?

No comment I notice from Mr Hutchinson on the failed Filton cycle speedway or boules court which costs unbelievable amounts of money.

I’m afraid they’ve lost their false grip on Filton and people are fed up.

Would Mr Hutchinson care to comment on the money losing Ratepayers pub which several Labour councillors frequent as their watering hole again at our expense?

The “tough” decisions they should take frankly is to get a proper job in my opinion and stop using our hard earned money to pay their mortgages.



Facebook views on new George pub



Dan A failed public house, that’s probably because the price of a pint of beer is hugely extortionate.

Debbie Worked here for many happy years whilst studying at UWE and was always a manic lunchtime crowd from MOD, along with great karaoke nights and Sunday carveries which kept it busy. Sad to see it go but look forward to seeing what comes next, and glad the outside of the building will be kept.

Samantha I think with the rovers ground development it would be in a good position to work as a pub if owned by the right brewery however depending on what type of retail unit it is then that too could have potential.

Heather Invest some money into it and keep it as ‘the King George VI....and keep part of Filton’s history...do we really need any more shops?

Pete I think Weatherspoons are building a new pub in Cheswick village. But there really must be a chance of this being saved as a public house. It is so close to the Mod and the new Rovers ground.

Roger It is a change of use so it will not continue as a pub, unless of course they either don’t get consent or they do and then don’t implement it! Like Debbie I am pleased to see an application that keeps the basic property which is an important building in the street seven there.

Sean Weatherspoons are typically high street so not enough footfall. Ref footie ground its actually a mile from here to the ground entrance. The info provided for the application shows the vast majority of fans/season ticket holders come from the east so will look for something closer that they don’t have to drive past the ground for.

Andrew In all honesty, THIS is where the Ratepayers pub should be, not a windowless barn round the back of a leisure centre.