Everything in the garden's rosy for community garden

June 18 2013
Community garden

The Filton Community Garden project is well under way with the construction of the paths and substructure for the main feature benching and raised planters.

By Bill Moore

The Filton Community Garden project is well under way with the construction of the paths and substructure for the main feature benching and raised planters.

This crucial phase, which marks the beginning of a fantastic partnership between Filton Town Council, the wider community and businesses, has been made possible by Miller Construction and importantly d20 who provide a complete earthwork and ground work service to the construction industry from their offices in Bristol and Bridgwater.

Without d20 onboard, the project could have been held up for months. But with such a prestigious company doing the work we can be assured of a top quality finish which will stand the test of time.

It was Miller Construction who contacted d20 on behalf of the Filton Community Garden Committee and it is the infrastructure support and financial aid that Miller is providing for this phase that has enabled d20 to become so involved.

With the donations from local business and the Town Council providing funding for the rest of the project, it is now a reality that this project will complete on time and well within the budget that was laid out before the Council and approved last year.

It is anticipated the garden will be completed later this month as laid out in the plans.

Future additions may be considered at later dates.

There is still opportunity for YOUR involvement in this, the first project in Filton to combine the Town Council and the community in making Filton a better place to live, rest and play.


  • Miller Construction, in partnership with one of its supply chain partners, d20, has donated materials, machinery and labour to help create and shape the new community garden in Filton.

Miller Construction is currently building new office accommodation and custody unit for Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary on Gloucester Road. In partnership with Avon and Somerset Police Authority, Miller Construction aims to deliver tangible benefits for the local community through providing local employment initiatives, sourcing from local suppliers, offering school and college engagements and supporting community projects such as the ‘Community Garden Project’, led by Filton Town Council.

Russell Thomas, Project Manager for Gloucester Road Avon and Somerset Police Accommodation for Miller Construction, said: "We are committed to supporting the local Filton and Patchway communities where we are currently operating.  We are delighted to have joined forces with d20 and Filton Town Council and to contribute to the creation of this new community garden."

Jon Rose, Construction Director for d20, currently working on the Avon and Somerset Police facilities at Filton and Keynsham, added: "As a Bristol-based company, a lot of our staff may well enjoy this new facility. My children spent their primary school years enjoying the playground with their friends and learnt to swim in the Dolphin pool, so it’s nice to be involved in the construction of this new scheme and to give a bit back. 

"One of the first contracts undertaken by d20, nearly 12 years ago, was the construction of the learner pool extension at the Filton Dolphin pool facility."