Car parking is stopping recycling van in avenue

November 02 2020
Car parking is stopping recycling van in avenue

A resident in 5th Avenue in Filton says they need double yellow lines on one side of the road to allow recycling vans to carry out their collections.

by Shane Gibson

On Facebook group Filton News and Views, Emma Tarr reported in early October that for the second consecutive week recycling collections for 5th Avenue had been missed. 
This had led to large amount of recycling stacking up.
Local councillors say they are concerned and one councillor has already made a request for double yellow lines.
Ms Tarr said there had been a parking problem since the council approved the application for the end property on Filton Avenue to be turned into two new houses and a block of flats. 
She said: "This fronts the existing sheltered housing which as you can imagine already has a fleet of cars attached to it." 
"The South Glos. Council won’t entertain double yellows down one side of the avenue so instead continues to miss just about the one service (recycling) I get out of my near £1,600 a year council tax.”   
Councillor Adam Monk said: “The rubbish on 5th Avenue is unacceptable and frustrating for the residents. But the practicality is the recycling collection vehicle cannot access the street due to residents parking on both sides.” 
Councillor Monk said that he has made a request that one side of the street is considered for double yellow lines that would allow for better access for all public service vehicles, however added that residents do have a part to play.  
He has spoken with Police who will leaflet motorists whose cars are badly parked.  
He added: “I have spoken with some residents who have told me that they have to walk in the road because of the number of cars that are parked on the pavement, which is also unacceptable.”