Car park could get makeover

February 06 2013
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The car park at Filton Sports and Leisure Centre could get a £50,000 makeover after councillors were told they had £29,000 to spend.

Leisure centre car park could get makeover

The car park at Filton Sports and Leisure Centre could get a £50,000 makeover after councillors were told they had £29,000 to spend.Car park

The money is ‘106 money’ - available to the council from the aborted fieldworks project in 2010. 106 money is a fixed sum usually paid to the community by a developer to mitigate the work being done.

The remainder could be found from the council’s general reserve surplus according to accountant Derek Kemp.

Councillors - including chair of finance Bill Moore - expressed surprise that the money was available and councillors complained that they were unaware of the cash because it is not clearly listed in the council’s accounts.

Cllr Moore said: "At no point did I think there was 106 money so it didn’t occur to me to ask.

"I find it extraordinary that it was not pointed out."

A reply to a question by resident Dave Mikkleson to the council, the first under the new rules of written submissions to the finance committee, has now been published:

At December 2012 Full Council the Town Clerk advised that there was around £20,000 Section 106 money waiting to be allocated to a project. The Town Clerk advised that the expiry date for use of the funds was 6 months ago and she had secured an extension.  The Accountant has now advised that there is in fact £29,123 unspent Section 106 money.

Q Why was the original time frame for use of the Section 106 money allowed to expire?

A The 106 Money was allocated at the time of the fieldworks project and was earmarked to be used along with the income received from the project. When the Fieldworks project was aborted the 106 money was shelved.

Q What is the new expiry date? 

A No date has been agreed.

Q How many councillors were aware that there was 106 money available?

A All councillors should be fully aware of this at it is listed in the end of year accounts (referred to as unspent deferred grant)

Q What is the precise
wording for the use of the 106 money?

A To enhance open space and recreational facilities in Filton"

Q Since the meeting have any discussion taken place between the Town Clerk and the Council on how this money could be put to use, given
that there seems to be a limited timescale for it to be used.

A Yes with Chair and Chair of Finance.