Filton business owners urged to join new group

October 05 2018
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Business owners and traders in Filton are being urged to unite.

Business owners and traders in Filton are being urged to unite.
That's the message from a local councillor who is bidding to revive the former Chamber of Trade - possibly under a new name - with the vision of helping local businesses thrive.

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A launch event will be held on Thursday, November 8 in the Doug Daniels Pavilion at Elm Park, starting at 7.30pm, and all business owners are urged to attend.
Cllr Mubashar Chaudhry said he wanted all businesses - big and small - to benefit from having a collective voice.
This could be anything from small sole traders such as builders, plumbers, electricians,/IT consultants and people running business from home, as well as the larger firms.
He said: "A group like this can help businesses by having strength in numbers, so we can raise issues with such as South Glos Council and expect a better response. We want this to be a group which benefits businesses, not just a talking shop. So we will lay on guest speakers who can really add value to your business as well as networking and training opportunities."
He said: "We want to offer guest speakers, training, events such as street fayres, networking, highlighting vacancies and in general giving Filton businesses a louder voice."
At an informal meeting, attended by some members of the old Chamber of Trade and South Glos Council, some of the issues facing Filton businesses were discussed. These include the lack of a single High Street as a focal point.