MP: I detect no 'real desire' for People's Vote on Brexit

November 29 2018
MP: I detect no 'real desire' for People's Vote on Brexit

Filton's MP has dismissed moves to have a so-called 'People's Vote' on Brexit.

Filton's MP has dismissed  moves to have a so-called 'People's Vote' on Brexit.
Mr Lopresti  said he had not had any feeling while meeting local people that there was a desire to look again at the 2016 Referendum result.
He added that it was being driven by politicians who 'do not respect' the original result.
He has found himself at odds with his wife, MP  for Morley and Outwood Andrea Jenkyins, who was among a group of hardline Brexiters who have submitted letters expressing no confidence in Prime Minister Teresa May
Mr Lopresti also gave his backing to Prime Minister Teresa May's draft withdrawal agreement, which has attracted opposition from both Remain supporters and hardline Brexiters.
He said: “Firstly, I get no sense of any real desire for a second referendum when I am out in the constituency talking to people, and my constituency correspondence reflects this. The view I am getting on the doorstep and out and about is that the overwhelming majority of people want the government to just get on with it and deliver Brexit.
"So, I am very happy to reassure people that we will be leaving the European Union on the 29th March 2019.”
“The referendum of 2016 was the largest electoral and political exercise that this country has ever delivered in sheer numbers of people who voted. Over 33 million people voted on 23rd June 2016, which is more people that have ever voted for anything in our countries history, with 17.4 million people voting to leave. This was clearly a people's vote. The only people calling for a people's vote are those who cannot accept the democratically expressed view of the British people, and who do not agree with the result.”
“A second referendum would not be a people's vote, it would be a politicians' vote - led by politicians who do not respect the respect of the referendum and want to ask the question again, in the forlorn hope, in my view, that they will get a different answer.”
On the withdrawal bill, he said: “I fully support the Prime Minster and the Draft Withdrawal Agreement.”
“We need to be sensible and pragmatic. This agreement will see us take back control of our money, laws and borders.
"It will end freedom of movement, while protecting jobs, security and the union.”
Labour's candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke, Mhairi Threlfall, left, said: "After two years of negotiations, the Government has produced a poor deal that breaches the Prime Minister's own red lines, does not meet our six tests and will leave the country in an indefinite halfway house without a real say on the things that matter.
"In Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency, businesses like Airbus have consistently issued a stark warning and it is time the Government started to listen.
"We do not accept that the choice is binary: between the Government's deal and 'no deal', and Labour will work across Parliament to stop a 'no deal' outcome.
"There is some interest in a people’s vote in our constituency where the majority voted Remain, as it could give people a final say. This should not just be dismissed."