April Letters

April 14 2013

Readers' letters in April

Readers' letters in April



Filtonvoice wishes to apologise after a letter was published in error last month.

The letter was not intended for publication, just for information, but mistakes were made and it appeared on these letters pages.

We are very sorry for any upset this may have caused our correspondent.



Fears for swim

Since my retirement  my friends and I have taken advantage of 50+ session at the Dolphin Poll on a Friday afternoon.

When we first dipped our feet in the pool about 6 years ago there were two sessions running (Weds being the other day) and I attended both.

I was not a confident swimmer but these sessions,  where you were less likely to be splashed, really helped and I soon my stamina increased and I was happy to swim out of my depth.

You got to know the regulars and it became a pleasant social outing as well as good exercise.

However over time numbers dwindled and the Weds sessions were opened as a free swim and the Fri afternoon sessions were reduced from 2 hrs to just 1hr. (2-3pm).

Often there are only a handful of swimmers in the pool and it does worry me that in the current climate it is probably not cost effective and we may lose this facility.

I thought maybe if you could print my letter and picture it might encourage the more mature residents of Filton to look out their swimming costumes and give it a go!

Christine Burridge

Glos Rd North

Priorities wrong

I am so pleased that the ‘Good Times’ have returned to the economy!

Driving along Filton Avenue between the A38 and Station Road I see that the powers that be have found so much surplus money (extracted from us) that around 50, yes fifty, pictograms of bicycles have been painted on the road!

The cynic in me asks "Why?" when there is so much other work to be done such as repairing the road surface or screwing the protruding bolts down on the speed hump pads to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to vehicle tyres.

Perhaps we can get a response, with costings and some sort of justification from whoever had this bright idea?

I look forward to a reply - but I won’t hold my breath.

Patrick Edwards

Bude Road

WI moving on

It has always been a pleasure for Newleaze House in Filton’s Roycroft Road to host the local Women’s Institute – more than  23 strong – when they gathered for their regular weekly meetings.

Now that Newleaze House is scheduled to close at the end of this year to convert to a "change of use" this facility will be denied them.

It was with this in mind that the WI invited tenants of Newleaze to a celebratory Christmas tea party which they arranged for everyone to enjoy.  It was most probably the last.

Newleaze House has always been happy to host the WI since it brought together many women in the area who delighted in joining their counterparts in this sheltered home. 

It will not be possible to meet together in the residents’ new location in Bradley Stoke since it is outside the Filton operational area.

"The WI have met at Newleaze for 23 years. It was the only home that could accommodate us," said their President, Edna Shopland. 

Newleaze has existed for 53 years this year.

At most of the joint celebrations with residents it was a feature of the group to bring in entertainment to delight the residents.  Singers, keyboard players, everything to create a lovely occasion.

Even those who could not attend the party at Newleaze – either by disability or other reason were "knocked on" by WI members with a plateful of refreshments.  Such was the care they took to bring everyone in to join them.

Newleaze House will never forget its friends. 

Wherever they are ... wherever they will be they will be brought together at a separate rendezvous whenever there is an occasion to do so.

Douglas Daniels



Airfield woes

It’s very good news about extra money for the aerospace industry. It’s a shame that Filton airfield is shut!

Alan Hale


On Facebook, Filton residents have been sharing their views on bin collections


My gripe is the mess that gets left behind after the bin collection.

We still have cardboard left in the street from over two weeks ago.I have rung South Glos council this week and requested a street cleaner after each bin collection.

Kirsten Gooding


I have reported the continuous problems that seem to occur in Filton and the main officer in South Glos does complete round inspections to sort out these problems.

I will check with him to see if he has done ours yet, but I guess that he does spot checks on these things over a period.

I took a photograph on Tuesday a couple of doors down from me where cardboard cartons had been dropped and not picked up which I shall send in, pics always seem to help.

Cllr Roger Hutchinson


Our bin collection is later and later each week now, not so helpful in windy weather. Recycling however is regularly not collected and quite often blown all over the street. 

Claire Gibbens


At the Filton Safer Stronger meeting, residents talked of bins not collected because of inconsiderate commuter road side parking.

They mentioned Station Road and Nutfield!

Cllr Darryl Collins


Apart from when snow stopped them collecting we’ve not really had any issues with the collection.

If anything you can set your watch by them 7.40 am on the dot crash bang down the road
not great when you’re on night shift.

Pete Holcombe


No problem at Kenmore. Always collected for us. Infant green bin was really early last week and I needed to run down the street with my bin! Not a good look in my pjs!!!

Jo Clayton Hunt


No probs on Wallscourt except with the snow. Communication around that was a bit poor.

Jules Trucks


They are generally pretty good in the Nutfield locality.

Missed us once or twice, but a quick call and it was sorted by lunchtime.

Sean Walsh


Quite often rubbish is strewn across the road, rubbish not collected and in the snow weeks it was dreadful.

On the plus side the bags we bought for recycling are sometimes hooked onto the
gate to stop hem blowing

Also, the white bags...they disintegrate and have to be thrown away.

Nic Peglar


Filton Avenue is poor, due to students leaving bin bags outs because landlords don’t apply for larger bins. Sita don’t collect it, as instructed, so it just gets left and spread everywhere and attracts rodents

Steve Ashton


The main problem is all the rubbish blown around and/or dropped.

Our road looks like a tip before & after collections. It was better when we put the cardboard in the green bins.....

Pat and Brian Smith


Only have one word to say about the recent problems with bin collections in Filton.... Rubbish!

Wajid Hussain


Wades Rd seems to be ok too and certainly nothing missed.

Debbie Teml