Filton councillor Andy Chubb "to stand down"

June 29 2013

Filton town councillor Andy Chubb will be resigning from the council, he has told Filtonvoice.

Filton town councillor Andy Chubb will be resigning from the council, he has told Filtonvoice.

The Conygre Labour councillor walked out of a finance meeting this month following the apopintment of Cllr Bill Moore as vice chair and Mel Drewitt as chair of that committee.

Cllr Chub said he had understood Cllr Moore was going to stand down from a leading position on the committee.

Cllr Moore said he only said he would stand down as chair.

Cllr Chubb said he believed council decisions were being made "before meetings" by a small group of leading councillors, to the exclusion of remaining councillors.

A similar accusation was made last year against the local Labour branch. Labour members said it was reasonable to discuss all sorts of matters away from the public gaze.

Although he has not formally resigned yet, a by-election would cost the town council £6,000 to organise, it is understood.

This would be the second by-election this year after another Conygre Labour councillor, Bill Edgeworth, stepped down.

Following Mr Edgeworth's resignation, Filton elected its first UKIP councillor when Keith Briffett was elected.

Cllr Moore said: "I firmly believe that the current Council have done more for transparency and openness than any previous Council. There will always be improvements that could be made, but I think what we have achieved is admirable.

"With regard to his resignation I would say, that his decision is regrettable on two counts, 1. That he will as a result of his action cost the tax payer approx £6,000 in holding an election. 2. That his resignation is unfair to the residents who elected him to work on their behalf."

Council chairman Darryl Collins said: "Filton Town Council would be sorry to lose Andy as a councillor but at this time I have not seen a letter of resignation and until that eventuality I believe Andy Chubb to be a Filton Town Councillor. 

"An election would normally be called on receiving a councillor’s resignation, assuming the option of co-opting someone into the position is not agreeable, and it’s my guess that’s an unlikely option."

Councillor Chubb's resignation would mean Filton Labour has lost four members from the council since the election in 2010. Alng with Cllr Edgeworth, Cllr Moore is now an Independent while Cllr Drewitt is now "Independent Labour".

In addition, former Conservative councilllors Rikki Teml and Kieran Hyde are also now independents.

The political makeup (assuming Cllr Chubb resigns) is: Independent 6, Labour 3, Conservative 2, UKIP 1 plus one vacancy.

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