£4,000 boiler repair bill worries for FACE charity

December 13 2020
£4,000 boiler repair bill worries for FACE charity

The ageing boiler system has broken beyond repair, leaving the owners of the building, St Andrew's Methodist Church, with a £4,000 bill for repairs.

The future for Filton's youth and community charity FACE(The Foundation for Active Community Engagement) is uncertain after they were forced to vacate their Elm Park building during the recent Lockdown.

Discussions between the church and FACE have failed to resolve the matter although the church council is expecting FACE to sign a new lease in the summer - without any guarantees yet that the boiler will be repaired.
In the meantime, FACE staff are working from the church building and remotely and while some activities can continue in the church hall, this may not be the case once Lockdown is over and normal church hall activities resume.
A member of the FACE team, who asked not to be identified, said: "There is no plan in place for the boiler but we are being asked to sign a new lease. As things stand, most of our activities, including our youth work, will not be viable as we cannot operate in the building without heat and the church hall will be used for other activities."
A spokesperson for St Andrew's Church Council said: "St Andrew's Methodist Church has been involved in supporting local Youth Work since 1942 and the present Youth Centre was built by the church in 1967 in memory of club members and leaders who were killed in a tragic minibus accident. 
"FACE, as an independent charity, continues the work that was started over 53 years ago in the building. 
"There are ongoing conversations between the FACE trustees and the church authorities regarding the management of the building.
"St Andrew's Church Council continues to value and  support the contribution FACE makes to young people and the wider community, both locally and across Bristol and South Gloucestershire."
FACE is a a local charity which'aims to work with people of all ages to improve their community participation, skills and learning, health and wellbeing, activity and work-readiness, and enable people to come together to break down barriers between different ages and backgrounds, and improve life in the local area.
The charity expanded their work from Filton and since 2019 have been delivering projects across Bristol and South Glos.