Filton youngsters urged to have their say on new youth council

Published on: 18 Jun 2013

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Young people in Filton could be given a greater say in town issues after plans were revealed to set up a youth council.

The council would involve around 20 youngsters, aged 6-18, who would meet on a regular basis to discuss matters which affect those in their age group.

Local teenagers Paige Hinton and George Glover presented the idea at the recent parish assembly, which was well received by councillors and members of the public.

The original idea was driven by the town council but it was stressed that while adults will help set up the youth council, the ideas will come from the young people.

Among the ideas already being considered are:

• Input to the town’s proposals for a MUGA sports court;

• A young people’s page in Filtonvoice;

• Feedback to the town council on matters affecting youngsters.

St Andrew’s Methodist Youth Centre leader Debbie Teml, pictured, who assisted Paige and George in the presentation, said membership of the council would come from Filton’s primary schools along with Abbeywood and Orchard secondaries, as well as youth centres and uniformed organisations.

She said: "This is all about bringing young people together to help the adults find out what the younger people want.

"We quite often hear adults saying, "Young people want this or that" when in fact they don’t really know."

Filton town councillor Bill Moore has personnally given the youth council £200 (Editor's note, this is a correction from the print edition which said it was the council which gave the money) on top of the £200 provided by  the youth centre to launch the project and it will begin on June 24.

This budget is for the young people to decide upon, but will benefit the wider Filton young people not just themselves, so it could be to run an activity/trip or buy some equipment.


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