Verdict soon on George junction

Published on: 15 Apr 2016

The £50,000 report into traffic problems at the junction of the A4174 ring road with Filton Avenue is set to be presented to South Glos councillors. But any recommendations could take up to two years to put in place - if there is funding to do the work. Filtonvoice reported last February that persistent complaints by residents about traffic flow around the junction near the former King George pub had led to the report being commissioned by South Glos. Problems include the bus stop on Filton Avenue heading to Bristol causing delays as traffic turns off the ring road, as well as residents in Conygre ward having to drive to the Abbeywood roundabout and turning around to get to the other side of Filton Avenue. Currently cars cannot cross the junction in the Bristol direction. At Filton Town Council’s March meeting, residents said they were fed up with the situation, some reporting that traffic between 3.30pm and 6pm was so heavy that the area was practically in gridlock most days. Councillor Keith Briffett said: “We’ve been listening to this for three years and it will be another two years before anything is implemented. We’ve got to start shouting or we’ll get nothing in the future.” Councillor John Tucker said: “There has been too much emphasis on the needs of people who work in the area and not enough on the residents.” One resident described the report as a”waste of money” while another said it was frustrating that even late at night, when there is little traffic, the north/south route across the junction was not available. One member of the public noted that it was ironic that buses could go north to south but that was irrelevant because Conygre did not have a bus service. South Glos councillor Roger Hutchinson said he was expecting the report to be presented in the next few weeks but insisted the situation was not a “quick fix”. He said that opening the junction north to south to cars might solve one problem but could lead to rat runs in places like Conygre Grove and other streets as drivers used Filton Avenue as a route towards Horfield and on to the city centre.

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