‘Too many patients causing road chaos’

Published on: 12 Jan 2016

by Rebecca Day

Parking around Northville Family Practice has been branded “ridiculous” by a local resident.

Mike Alder, pictured right, who lives in Seventh Avenue, told Filtonvoice that it was once so bad an ambulance was unable to drive down the road. He also regularly sees dustbin lorries getting stuck, he says.

Mr Alder said: “It’s just absolutely ridiculous. I have 
had my wall knocked about 
three times, people are constantly parking in front of 
the lane.

“The other day, there were so many cars parked at the top of the road that cars couldn’t get past. People were blowing their horns – it was chaotic.

“I think it’s because Northville Surgery has too many patients. When the doctors’ was extended, they said they wouldn’t increase the number of patients, but now patients are coming in from all over the place.

“I just don't know what can be done – there’s nowhere a car park can be built.”

A spokesperson from the surgery told Filtonvoice that they were unaware of any issues with parking.

They said: “Parking is quite good in the area, and we are certainly not oversubscribed.”

BrisDoc Healthcare Services, a new management team, will be taking over the family practice in the new year, and as part of the appointment they will be consulting with local people 
on services needed for the 

Mike Alder in front of Northville Family Practice

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