Shops not suitable for GP practice

Published on: 13 Mar 2013

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Filton’s vacant shops unlikely to be used for doctor’s surgery

Vacant shops in Northville/Filton Park are unlikely to be suitable for development as a GP practice, doctors from the Elm Lodge surgery have said.

GPs addressed Filton Town Council and told councillors and members of the public that they had looked at shops and also the current police station site but suitability and cost meant none were an option.

The Elm Lodge practice on Gloucester Road North, a sub-branch of the Concord Medical Centre in Little Stoke, is set to close this year after the current lease was not renewed.

Last month it was revelaed that, in documents seen by Filtonvoice, NHS South Gloucestershire had received a request from Concord  to close the Filton sub-branch.

This has led to concern in Filton that those most in need of care and treatment will be forced to either join a new practice further from their home or travel to Little Stoke for appointments.

Dr Simon Bradley told the town council: "The cost of of redeveloping the current site would be £700,000 and the police station site cost was prohibitive such that the Primary Care Trust was not interested. We have considered some of the vacant shops but the restrictions we work under these days mean that they would be unsuitable."

Dr Bradley said there could be issues with ensuring confidentiality and he also cited the problems with diagnosing conditions such as jaundice which requires natural light.

A member of the public asked if the large ex-school uniform shop on the corner of Northville Road and Gloucester Road North could be used and Dr Bradley said that site had not been considered.

Dr Bradley said that other local surgeries had indicated that they could find spaces for the 300/400 patients who, they estimate, will wish to remain with a local doctor.

He said this included the Monks Park surgery.

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