Conygre residents urged to use ‘on demand’ buses

Published on: 15 Apr 2013

Conygre residents urged to use ‘on demand’ buses

Residents in the lower part of Conygre ward - who are without a bus service - have been urged to use the ‘on demand’ services of Four Towns Vale Link.

The service enables users to call 48 hours in advance and is especially useful for those with medical appointments.

Filton councillor Ian Scott, pictured,  said he was still pressing for Firstbus to reroute their 18 and 75 services off the A38 and along Filton Avenue (north), then Conygre Road before rejoining the A38 at Filton Church.

He said: "Four Towns Vale Link / Severnside Transport Limited have confirmed that they can provide a demand service in Conygre. This means that diamond bus pass holders could use the service for free provided they paid an annual membership fee of £5.

"The service can be booked provided 48 hours notice is given.

"Non diamond bus pass holders can also book the service but will have to pay a fee. If this service is well used they could then consider a timed bus route service in the Conygre Ward.

"I have pressed Firstbus at the last Public Transport Forum meeting to reroute their 75 and 18 services through the Conygre Ward  as this is a more reliable timed and commercially viable route than current A38 route between the College and the Church which is subject to unpredictable traffic congestion and fewer passengers. 



Four Towns Community Transport was founded in 1999 and merged with Vale Link Community Transport in 2005. It is a registered charity controlled by an unpaid board of Trustees.

Their objective is to provide transport for those members of the community who, for whatever reason, cannot use existing transport services.

The aim is to promote social inclusion within the South Gloucestershire area by helping residents to be self-sufficient and maintain their personal independence within the South Gloucestershire area. It provides free essential travel (supported by South Gloucestershire Council via diamond card) within the local area as well as social trips for leisure. A range of minibuses is available (with or without driver) for use by local community groups including sports clubs, scout/guide groups, etc.

For further information call 01454 868544

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