‘It’ll be like Billy Smart’s Circus if homes built on police station site’

Published on: 15 Apr 2013

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‘It’ll be like Billy Smart’s Circus if homes built on police station site’

A Filton resident says the proposed re-development of the Filton Police Station site will make the area look like "Billy Smart’s Circus".Concerned resident Claire Jenkins with her son Macauley on the site of the existing police station

Darren Jenkins told Filton Town Council that social housing was inappropriate in that area.

Several residents said they were worried about traffic issues including safety with Charborough Road School being so close.

There are also fears that more homes on the site could be disruptive to St Andrew’s Methodist Church and that neighbouring houses could have the light blocked.

In February, a consultation was held by Knightsone Housing Association who are seeking permission to build 19 new homes on the site, a combination of 3 bedroom houses and 1-2 bedroom flats.

Filton Police station is due to be relocated to a site at Patchway and demolished in April 2014.

The proposed build would last approximately a year and be designed specifically for people who are on low income, mostly working families.

Mr Jenkins’s wife, Claire, a former town councillor, said the development was totally out of character with the rest of the neighbourhood.

She said: "There are a lot of issues here, not least the look of the houses and parking with the school nearby."

Town council chairman Adam Monk said that residents should make their opinions heard but added "while I don’t like the designs, there is a need for social housing".

Chris Dawson, Development Manger for Knightstone, told residents at the consultation that parking would be taken seriously.

He said: "The houses will be allocated 2 parking spaces and the flats will have 1 parking space.  There is a global need for housing in Bristol and South Gloucestershire and this site has
been deemed suitable for development but we will take all residents’ worries into consideration when designing the final plans."

The deadline for the final plans to be submitted to the planning department is this month.

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