Cuts on cuts! Filton faces just two grass verge trims a year

Published on: 18 Jun 2013

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Grass verges across Filton could be cut just twice a year by South Glos Council - down from once a month -  under new cost-cutting measures.

A meeting of the town council was told that the grass cutting service would ensure that there were no safety risks but that any extra cutting would have to be funded by residents through the precept (the part of council tax which funds the town council).

Jon Manslow of Streetcare told the town council that the service needed to cut around £0.5million and that maintenance of grass cutting, hedge maintenance, hanging baskets and dog bins would have to be cut back.

He said: "We need to move to a point where we provide facilities which are fit for purpose but we also have to rationalise services and so we need to work with the parish councils to provide the right level of service.

"From the next financial year we will provide a core service and let the communities top up these services if they choose."

Mr Manslow said Filton currently had 12-14 grass verge cuts a year but that this could go down to two.

Councillor Rikki Teml said: "This is the effect of localism - where will it end?"

The council was also told that there could be insurance issues if residents cut ‘their’ piece of verge. Any changes will begin in the financial year 2014/15.

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