Fond farewell to manager who led change at centre

Published on: 10 Jul 2015

When centre manager Julia Glass announced her intention to leave her employment at Filton’s Community Centre at Elm Park it was met with sadness and regret, writes chairman Councillor Douglas Daniels.
Brought in during a time of reorganisation of the centre she injected a distinctive approach to the managing of its business affairs.
At a farewell reception at Filton Council’s Ratepayers’ Arms on Tuesday, June 30, a full appraisal of Julia’s value to the centre in the presence of staff, members of Filton Town Council and supportive team was outlined in her favour.
Duty manager Julia has been central to ensuring the community centre has become an organised team with staff aiding each other. Her prime objective was to enable the creation of good relationships, with funding provided throughout the area, particularly Filton Town Council, young people’s groups, and Southern Brooks Community Partnership. All had an important part to play in the community centre’s future.
As chairman, I praise Julia’s undoubted talents, particularly her emphasis on creating “partnership”. High on her list was linking closely with the business enterprises in the town.
At her farewell reception, I related a glowing tribute to the great value she had provided for the community centre at Filton. Julia greatly inspired all who worked with her, her plan to invigorate the centre has been extremely valuable and will be rigidly followed in the future.
Julia has responded favourably to the praise she has received by promising faithfully to remain in touch after moving to Taunton, offering expert advice whenever it was needed and we are grateful for the promise she gave.
She has, undoubtedly, put forward a planned procedure that Filton Community Centre will be obliged to follow explicitly if the centre’s progress is to be maintained. All we can do at present is to follow her initiatives and work together to sustain this partnership. We wish her the very best for the future both in her health and future employment.
Her post has been taken on by Oliver Newbery, a specialist in internet technology, who will be based at the community centre offering the very best in computer technology. It will be of value to the centre and to all who may require his assistance. His trading name will be Comtech.

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