Filton precept freeze for 2013

Published on: 06 Feb 2013

Filton precept freeze for 2013

Filton residents will again have a freeze on their council tax precept - the element of council tax which goes towards town council coffers.

And the council will be in a position to offer £9,000 to each of St Andrew’s and Pyramid Youth Clubs, which were facing cutbacks in light of changes in South Gloucestershire funding.

The council will also be able to give £7,000 to Southern Brooks for their work in the community after an appeal was made at a finance meeting last month.

For 2013/14, the average Band D household will pay £174.48 per year on top of their South Glos council tax.

The precept freeze follows a year in which chair of finance Bill Moore led a comprehensive review of spending.

Councillors agreed the budget after work with accountant Derek Kemp who told the full council meeting that the Ratepayers Arms pub was still making a
loss but heading for profit next year.

Cllr Kieran Hyde said that the Ratepayers’ figures did not include power and other services, which were included in the overall figures for the town council, leisure centre and bar.

Mr Kemp said such services had never been broken down to the various parts of the own council operation.

He said: "The Ratepayers is moving in the right direction - better than the budget for 21012/13 - and if the trend continues it will be in profit next year."

Mr Kemp, when asked by about the impact if the Ratepayers were to close, said that there could be a risk that it would decrease footfall to other parts of the complex.

Earlier in the meeting, Mr Kemp said that while there was uncertainty over future government grants for town councils, it made sense to accept the budget and he said that while he couldn’t guarantee the level of funding next year, he said councillors "shouldn’t lose sleep" over it.

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