Filton households facing 9.7% rise in council tax precept amid ongoing build-up of reserves

Published on: 12 Jan 2016

Filton Town Council would need a precept increase of nearly 10% just to ‘stand still’ the last full council meeting of 2015 heard.

This would mean an increase of around £18 per year for each Band D household.

The council was told by accountant Derek Kemp that expenditure was now ‘under control’ after the authority had problems last year which meant reserves were needed to balance the books.

He said overall expenditure was projected to be up by £29,000 and income set to drop by £13,000.

Along with a drop in the government council tax support grant, this would mean the council, just to stand still, needs to raise and extra £64,000.

Mr Kemp said the council was able to budget £35,000 to rebuild reserves last year and for the forthcoming year would look to add around £47,000 to that total.

He said there were also factors outside the council’s control next year which coud lead to the precept rise such as the one per cent public sector pay settlement, living wage levels and increases in national insurance.

Mr Kemp added that income for the council was also still ‘on the slide’ which would affect any decisions.

He said: We are now budgeting for a surplus. We scraped through last year by the skin of our teeth but by the end of the next financial year we should be halfway back to where we should be.”

Cllr Ian Scott – Deputy Finance Chair said: “I agree with the accountant that following the Tory government cut in council tax support grant  this would mean the council, just to stand still, needs to raise extra money.   

“We also need to increase the reserves to a sensible level.  

“The £18 increase over the year works out at less than 35p per week.”

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