Filton's Best 2013

Published on: 15 Apr 2013

We love being at the heart of life in Filton and now we want to celebrate what’s best about living here.

We’re looking for Filton people who deserve to be recognised ... good neighbours, inspirational teachers, courteous shopkeepers, tireless volunteers and young people who are great role models.

Do YOU know anyone who fits the bill?

If so, we want to hear about them and there will be the chance to recognise their achievements at a special ceremony in Filton in the Autumn. See below to find out what to do next.


Filton’s Best Neighbour:

Does your neighbour go the extra mile, look out for everyone in the street and generally make life a whole lot better?

Filton’s Best Shopkeeper:

Do you always get a smile and perfect service ... and do they go out of their way to help?

Filton’s Best Teacher

We’re looking for a teacher who really inspires the children and makes school both fun and a great place to learn.

Filton’s Best Volunteer:

Is there someone in Filton who does a lot of work without any financial reward, with the motivation purely to make the community better?

Filton’s Best Young Person:

Is there someone aged 5-18 who has achieved a lot, maybe against the odds, or who does a lot more than the average young person for their family or community?

Email us at with up to 150 words on why this person should be nominated. Or write c/o 49 Dunkeld Avenue, Filton Park, Bristol BS34 7RQ. Please check the nominated person is happy to have publicity in Filtonvoice and in the case of the young person, please check with parents or guardian. Nominees must live in Filton or, in the case of shopkeepr, teacher and volunteer, work in Filton. Editor’s decision is final

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