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Magnifique! Visit marks 40 years of friendship

Jun 27 2014

Filton’s recent visit to its twin town – St Vallier in France – to celebrate 40 years of partnership, was an occasion to truly remember.... Read More

Filton twinning trip

Sep 18 2013

Thumbnail ImageWhen members of Filton Twinning Association paid a visit to Witzenhausen in Germany last month, the Brothers Grimm, castles, parades and a very warm welcome all added up to a magical trip. Doug Daniels reports.... Read More

My great escape on night of bombing

May 24 2013

Thumbnail ImageMargaret’s Thatcher’s recent passing brings back vivid memories of occasions when I many have been in her presence or close vicinity. There was one occasion which I will never forget.... Read More

"They want to dump a parking lot on paradise"

Jan 13 2013

Airfield campaigner, local councillor and aerospace worker Dave Tiley reflects on what closure will mean for Filton ... Read More

Filton Airfield

Oct 27 2012

Features about Filton Airfield... Read More

Deborah Harvey

Oct 27 2012

Features about Filton Airfield... Read More

Filton Local History

Oct 27 2012

Features about Filton Local History... Read More

Health with Dr Liz Lee

Oct 27 2012

Health with Dr Liz Lee... Read More

Computers with Graham Simmons

Oct 27 2012

Computers with Graham Simmons... Read More

Business of the Month

Oct 27 2012

Business of the Month... Read More