Councillor attacked as he tried to help woman

Published on: 14 Sep 2013

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A Filton town councillor was attacked in his own home after he intervened in
a violent domestic argument.

Adam Monk, who is also a South Glos councillor, was walking his dog late at
night near the BAWA fields when he heard a commotion.

A man and woman were involved in an argument after attending a function at
the BAWA club, with the man dragging the woman by the hair along Southmead

Mr Monk stepped in and asked him to let go but the man, understood to be in
the armed forces, became agitated and turned on Mr Monk.

Mr Monk said: "He then hit me in the head and I think I may have passed out

"I had told the woman to go to my house for safety and the next thing I knew
they were in my house where he started to hit me again.

"It was alarming because my daughter was also at home and saw some of the

"They then left in the direction of the main Filton roundabout and we called
the police

"Shortly after, they said they had apprehended a suspect and they asked me
to come in the patrol car to identify him.

"The man arrested was my attacker and police subsequently charged him with
ABH and also a charge related to domestic violence.

"It was alarming but you don't think about it, you just act on instinct."

Mr Monk has been told by police that the attacker has pled guilty to the
charges and will be sentenced this month.

The woman has since written to Mr Monk thanking him for helping her. Mr Monk
suffered painful head and chest injuries which left his face puffed up.

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  1. Dave Tiley:
    Sep 14, 2013 at 07:38 PM

    Get well soon Adam.

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