Council tax freeze in Filton

Published on: 13 Mar 2013

Council tax is frozen for third successive year


What Filton residents will pay (average Band D household)

South Glos Council tax: £1,234.43

Filton precept: £174.48

Police and fire: £232.05

Total: £1,640.96

Council tax is set to be frozen for a third consecutive year in Filton while a Living Wage (set at £7.45 per hour) will be introduced for low-paid South Glos council staff from October 2013.

In the authority’s first budget proposals since moving to a committee system last May, committee members recommended a budget of £189 million for 2013/14, with council tax for a Band D property to be set at £1,234.43. This was ratified later in February by the full council.

In Filton, the parish precept  has been frozen at £174 but the yearly bill for a Band D household is still around £100 more than the South Glos average of £1,539.27

The proposals were agreed unanimously by the authority’s three political groups prior to implementation in April 2013.

To draw up this year’s budget South Glos carried out a wide-ranging consultation which included holding road show events at the district’s main shopping centres, as well as carrying out our online survey.

More than 1,410 people responded. Residents said the top three services which should be prioritised are care for older people, schools and care for the disabled and those with learning difficulties. Satisfaction with the council is up four per cent on last year to 73 per cent, and 54 per cent of respondents think the council provides good value.

Leader of the council’s Conservative Group Cllr John Calway said: "South Gloucestershire’s part of the council tax is one household item that does not have to increase because of our plan to freeze it, whilst at the same time protecting the value-for-money frontline services that our residents demand. As a result, the average Band D household is on course to have saved £139 on their council tax bill over three years."

Leader of the council’s Liberal Democrat Group Cllr Ruth Davis said: "This budget will see the protection of our vital services, and allow us to plan for the future. 

"I’m pleased we were able to address the priorities of all three parties."

Leader of the council’s Labour Group Cllr Andy Perkins said: "I am pleased that key Labour proposals have made their way into the agreed package.  Bringing in the Living Wage, keeping our Housing Benefit team fully staffed and freezing the Council Tax are all measures that should help those struggling with their finances."

The proposed spending commitments will be met by freezing the council’s inflation provisions for 2013/14. This will reduce its council tax increase requirements and in turn allow it to access a government grant that will allow council tax to be frozen for a third year.

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