Children at risk on Filton Avenue crossing

Published on: 11 Jan 2013

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We need action before there’s a bad accident

Mums and children on Filton AvenueA group of mums from Filton say children are being put at risk at the pedestrian crossing on Filton Avenue at the junction with Conygre Road.

There is a zebra crossing at the spot but residents say drivers speed along the long, straight stretch of the avenue and often struggle to stop when they reach the crossing. Recent improvements to the crossing included better markings and a raised road surface but residents say traffic lights are needed.

Leanne Field-Mannings , whose son attends nearby Filton Hill Primary, said she had seen cars screech to a halt as people were crossing.

She said: "It’s been a problem here for a very long time - I’ve been walking children to school for 10 years and we’ve had sveral near misses.

"When were were nearly hit by a moped it was a matter of inches. We are asking for lights to be installed as it is the main route to a primary school.

"This is the second near miss we have had at this crossing since the (raised) table has been installed.

"The excuse they gave us (for not installing lights) was that it was too straight a piece of road and visibility was fine." 

Mum Anna Curry said: "My daughter had a near miss when a car only just stopped in time.

"People drive straight over the crossing, especially mopeds."


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"Many use it as a short cut between he A38 and the A4174 (Ring Road). Because of the straightness of the road it will lure many into thinking they can go fast. The speed humps do nothing to slow anyone down as many just treat them as a ramp to launch themselves towards oncoming traffic." Pete


"I lived by that crossing for 24 years and we had near misses and fatalities. When my children were small I was actually in the middle of the crossing with a child on each side and a BSM instructor drove straight in front of us - luckily I had both children by the hand! We fought for lights for all those years. I thought they were supposed to be putting lights on it when they did the revamp?" Alison


"I think many people have forgotten how to use a Zebra Crossing. I’ve seen many drivers drive completely oblivious to it, but I usually try to wait for traffic to stop before crossing just in case." Sue

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