Bus lane which has no buses may hamper plans to improve 'George' ring road junction

Published on: 11 Apr 2017

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A bus lane which is currently not used for buses could be a factor which could foil any attempt to open up Filton Avenue as a two-way road for all traffic at the Ring Road - known locally as The George junction.
Initial feedback from the long-awaited study into the junction, which was launched in February 2015, has also concluded that right turns into Filton Ave in either direction from the Ring Road are not an option as they would cause more congestion.
And an option to reconfigure the whole junction as a roundabout is not possible as the space is not big enough.
The junction has long been a source of frustration for people in Conygre ward who currently need to turn left onto the ring road and u-turn at the Abbeywood roundabout in order to progress on Filton Avenue towards Bristol.
Filton town councillors were briefed by South Glos officers last month and reported back to the council's full meeting.
The council was told that, due to the stretch from Filton Ave North to Filton Ave South (heading towards Bristol) being a Dept of Transport-funded bus lane, normal traffic would not be permitted to travel in that direction.
As readers of Filton Voice will know, there has been concern for some time that the Conygre ward of Filton (Filton Ave North) currently does not have a bus service.
Councillors said they were unhappy with the findings and had expressed that to South Glos.
This initial report was part of a briefing for town councillors with the full report expected shortly.
On social media, Filton South Glos councillor Roger Hutchinson said: "There is a lot of interesting conjecture which may or may not be based on accurate reporting. I would suggest that it might be better to await the publication of the report.
"That publication shouldn't be long to wait for. The bus lane isn't the sole issue and it raises the question "why keep a bus lane with no buses". On the other hand why campaign for more buses, which we take every opportunity to do, and remove the bus lane which would be needed if buses were to return to the Avenue?"
On Facebook, other local people expressed surprise.
One poster said:  "Why did they even bother doing a feasibility study. South Glos clearly knew from the start that the other party would not agree.
Another said: "South Glos council seem to be very content with traffic jams as it proves their case for Metrobus and other schemes.
"Does the funder of the bus lane know that no buses run along there."
Filtonvoice understands that the initial £50,000 estimates for the cost of the study have been revised to around £15,000

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