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Published on: 12 Jan 2016

Black bins for general waste could be made smaller for Filton residents - and recycling collections made weekly - under new proposals being consulted on by South Glos Council.

The council wants to minimise general waste and increase recycling to meet European targets by 2020.

Residents are being invited to respond to the consultation by February 15. It can be found at

A council spokesperson told Filtonvoice: “The management of household waste is a key service provided by the council. It helps protect the local environment. The Council’s Waste Strategy plays an important part in helping residents understand the impact of waste and how we can all work towards an environmentally sustainable future.

“Waste minimisation and prevention is our priority. An outcome of previous strategies has seen an impressive reduction of total waste by 61 percent since 2000. Despite this success there are still challenges and our waste is higher than our statistical neighbours. The new strategy outlines how we will continue to reduce waste across the region.

“Our second priority is recycling. Since we embarked on the 25 year partnership with Suez (formally SITA) we have made excellent progress in our recycling and composting performance. The refuse and recycling services have been transformed; in 2000 we collectively recycled and composted seven percent of our municipal waste, in 2014-15 this had increased to 47.5 percent. However this is below the European target of 50 percent by 2020 and therefore recycling continues to be an important priority.

“The last few years have seen very challenging times for the whole economy and the council has faced significant cuts. This strategy has to find ways to drive waste out of landfill, putting it to better use, without increasing overall cost. We need to treat waste as a resource to be tapped rather than a problem.

“The new proposed changes to the service intends to simplify the kerbside offering to residents. It will encourage reuse and recycling through; increasing recycling collections to weekly and reducing the size of the black bin. These two proposals come as a package and would be delivered together.”

Should the black bin size be reduced? Write to Filtonvoice at

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