‘Alleygate Queen’ urges residents to suggest new schemes

Published on: 10 Jul 2015

Local PCSO Sheryl Drewitt is urging residents, who are wanting a gate installed in their alleyway, to come forward.
Dubbed the ‘Alleygate Queen’, Ms Drewitt – who is behind the new scheme – says that gates have already proved successful in Charborough Road, Fourth Avenue, Third Avenue, Kipling Road, Mackie Road, Northville Road, Park Road and parts of Filton Avenue, which were often targeted by burglars.
Residents were experiencing their homes, garden sheds and garages - which back onto the alleyways - being broken into, and fly-tipping.
She is asking residents of Wallscourt Road, Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, and Filton Avenue if they would like to get on board with the scheme.
Ms Drewitt said: “Police regularly receive enquiries from residents as to why their lanes haven’t been gated in this area.
“The answer is simple: gating off lanes is a residents’ scheme and not a police scheme. However, I can help co-ordinate this but only if residents are willing to come forward and act as co-ordinators.”
She says that she has leafleted prospective volunteers but has received only one response.
Residents receiving the new alley gates have contributed £66 per household, plus an additional but discounted price of £10 per key to access their alley gate.
If you are wanting your alleyway gated, contact: sheryl.drewitt@avonandsomerset.police.uk. Alternatively, you can contact her on 101.

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